Fufeng Song

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As soon as Lu Yao came out of the water, he waved his hands,

As soon as Lu Yao came out of the water, he waved his hands, and the fist-sized pebbles flew out to the left and right. Two figures immediately fell from the horizontal branches of tall trees on both sides of the river, and the two archers who had reached the highest point to deter the whole field were killed. At this time, three archers who were closer to him had just turned around. Lu Yao immediately strode forward. His movements were so fast that the archers only saw the afterimage of him leaping into the air. In the next moment, the shrill cry was accompanied by the muffled sound of broken bones and muscles, and the three archers almost fell at the same time. Put the arrow! Put the arrow! Xiang Fei roared loudly. The arrows, which were as dense as raindrops, immediately headed for Lu Yaoji. Lu Yao flew two feet, kicked out two corpses in front of him, rubbed his body straight up, and quickly approached the rest of the archers. Such a strong bow and arrow is really powerful, first, the power is beyond the ability of ordinary people to resist, and second, the oncoming force is extremely fast, Rao is Lu Yao's retreat like electricity is also difficult to avoid. The two bodies used as shields were pierced with dozens of arrows in the air and fell into the water. With a low hum, Lu Yao was hit by an arrow in his shoulder and calf. The shovel-shaped arrowhead, more than two inches wide and weighing more than one catty, penetrated deeply into the body, almost reaching the skeleton, and blood gushed out wildly. Lu Yao suddenly stumbled and fell into the slanting thorn. He was in the shallows. As soon as he fell to the ground,Faux cherry blossom tree, he immediately splashed the water in all directions. At this time, only two or three people take the opportunity to send arrows, will be able to kill Lu Yao. Just now, however, the archers were so eager to resist the enemy that none of them could seize the opportunity to send out the arrows on the string. They took arrows from the quiver one after another, and no matter how fast they moved, they missed a moment after all. This moment is enough for Lu Yao. He rolled close to the ground and rushed into the archers. Without hesitation, the archers threw down their long bows and drew their short knives against the enemy. Five or six short knives came out of their scabbards,faux ficus tree, chopping from all angles with a strong wind, and the knives were fierce and hot. Although these thieves are not martial arts, but as Bing for many years of fierce bandits, the reaction is quite quick, skill can also be called intrepid. However, with only one punch, Lu Yao broke the head of the man who rushed to the front. Gray sè brains, bright red blood, black sè hair crashed out of the distance, as if the juice of a huge melon and fruit had been smashed. Lu Yao seized the fellow's dagger with his backhand. With a knife in hand, the light of Zhanqing's knife burst out. The daggers of these archers are only common utensils made by blacksmiths in the village. There are many impurities in the iron, which will wear out even if the firewood is cut several times. However, such an ordinary knife, in Lu Yao's hands, seems to have become a sharp blade that cuts iron like mud. The knife rises, large ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, the armor is flat, and the blood gushes like a spring. You don't need a second knife to kill! Six archers were killed in a flash. Xiang Fei was frightened s sè. He was waiting for the archers to step down quickly and let the thieves with short arms come forward when he heard the sound of screams behind him. Turned around and saw several ferocious men jumping out of the boat, slashing and killing like tigers into sheep. Archers deployed on the opposite bank rushed to support him, but a baby-faced teenager on the boat injured several people one after another and had to retreat quickly. After they scattered to the rocks on the shore, they tried to repress the teenagers on board with a dense shower of arrows. Idiot! Idiot At this time, Xiang Fei repeatedly shouted and scolded, "Don't worry about the younger generation with the bow. Hurry up, those guys!" But his men were already fighting with each other, and the archers were nearly a hundred paces away. Even if they wanted to help the swordsmen, how could they easily hit the target? Maybe you hurt your own people. Besides, the young man's skill was extremely exquisite, and every time he leaned out of the back of the boat, he was bound to pose a great threat. For a while, neither side dared to act rashly. Frightened and angry, Xiang Fei drew his sword forward, meaning to resist the enemy in person. He stirred up trouble in Bing for many years, and the captors and soldiers who died in his hands were innumerable. Even though the strange man who emerged from the water was extremely skillful, Xiang Fei was not afraid at all. Instead, he inspired the ferocious Xing Zi. As soon as he stepped out, however, he had to stop. A ferocious big fellow danced his heavy broadsword like a rush and rushed over with a grim smile: "a rat named Xiang, Xue Tong from the east of the river has come to ask for advice." v Chapter 19 the gate of life. One second to remember "Cotton Candy Novel www. Mianhuatang. La", to provide you with a wonderful novel to read. Xiang Fei had a good eye and immediately knew that Xue Mou was not an easy comparison. In this situation, the archers on the other side of the river are suppressed by the young men in the boat, and the swordsmen are fighting with a few ferocious men. If they are also entangled, I'm afraid they're really in big trouble today! Xue Tong was already approaching when his mind turned sharply. Xiang Fei exhaled, brandished his knife, stamped his feet, and put on a posture to meet the enemy. Suddenly, he dodged and pounced on the boat stranded on the beach. He moved so fast that it seemed as if the wind was blowing through him. Confused by his feint, Xue Tong could not stop and rushed over his head. When he turned around to catch up with him, he was already several feet away. Xiang Fei, after all, is a bandit in the southern counties of Bing, and I don't know how many times he faced the encirclement and suppression of superior forces of the officer army. When it comes to the richness of combat experience, it is beyond measure. Just in a face-to-face time with Xue Tong, he had a decision! There are many people on their own side, and they have the advantage of equipment. No matter how brave the guards of the county leader are, they can be suppressed. The key to the current situation lies entirely in Jingling County. As long as the county leader is captured first, this generation is not in my hands of life and death ccāo? It happened that at the moment this group of enemies thought that their brains had gone to their heads, and that. Ha ha ha ha. Unexpectedly no one to take care of the county Lord! Xiang Feifa ran wildly and rushed straight to the Lord of Jingling County on the boat. As expected, there was no one around the county owner to guard him. Wang De and others rushed out and were fighting with the bandits. He Yun was at the bow of the boat facing the archers on the other side. Archers, after all, many people, arrows flying again and again, forcing He Yun almost dare not show his head. He cursed more and more, and occasionally looked at a gap to get up and return to sh. Xiang Fei knew that the opportunity was fleeting and there must be no delay. With a loud shout, he threw the long knife in his palm to He Yun with all his strength. He Yun is Zhang Gong,large palm trees for sale, suddenly heard the evil wind behind him, he subconsciously sideways, then feel a sharp pain in the shoulder blade. The knife was so heavy that He Yun threw himself to the ground. hacartificialtree.com