I am so lucky.

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"She's just a merchant's daughter, and she's lucky enough to get into the palace,

"She's just a merchant's daughter, and she's lucky enough to get into the palace, not to mention being cautious in her words and deeds." Wang Ye does not care, but also connives at her, empress, you have to make decisions for my concubines! If you don't stand up, no one can cure her! "When the empress heard this, she had only one feeling:" You have come to embarrass the palace. You say this matter, at best, but two juniors have a quarrel, to the palace to manage, make a mountain out of a molehill. The empress stroked the armor she wore on her tail finger and said in a slow voice, "It's not that this palace is talking about you. Now that Wang Yeh has expressed his attitude, you should put up with it no matter how uncomfortable you feel. In the final analysis, the honor of the Prince of Yan's Mansion is earned by Wang Yeh, and the women in your house all live according to Wang Yeh's face.". If you are reasonable, say at the time, or talk to Wang Ye afterwards, how can you come to this palace? This palace really want to stand up to help you, Wang Ye can not expect you to find? What would he think? When Princess Yan heard this, her heart was blocked. "There's really no other way,86 smart board," she said. "Since they went to the capital, Prince Yan's mansion has been in a mess." "You all know that people were originally raised in the merchant's home, and the rules they learned must be different, so you should be tolerant." Princess Yan shook her head and said that it was not that she could not tolerate anyone. She was happy that Wang Ye had an heir. She could try to be her own son, but she didn't want this daughter-in-law anyway. The queen had a headache. When did the empress have to take charge of the marriage of the prince's son? If you are not satisfied with his marriage, you can tell Wang Ye! The queen was not dissatisfied, she thought it was good to marry a merchant woman,touch screen board classroom, and it was not difficult for him to marry a person with a valuable relationship? Princess Yan raised her to a high level, saying that this kind of woman with no talent, no learning, no character and no virtue, she became the prince's concubine, and even the princess in the future, which is not to let the civil and military people of the Manchu Dynasty laugh at the royal family? She is a merchant woman, when it comes to identity, she is not as high as the daughter of the seven-grade sesame official! The empress sighed, "Brother Zhou has been in the capital for many days, and now everyone in the capital knows about this happy event in your palace.". This palace also listened to some comments, but did not laugh at Wangfu, in addition to praising Zhou Ge'er's love and promise, but also envy Qian's good life. In the final analysis, when the two of them got married, digital touch screen board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, no one knew that Zhou Ge'er was the son of Wang Ye. At the beginning, the merchant's son married the merchant's daughter. It was a good marriage. Don't think she was shameless because of Qian's low family background. As far as she was concerned, she didn't cheat or coax her to marry someone. She didn't make a big mistake. Why should she go to court? "The empress." "If you come to the palace just for this, don't say any more.". It's not that I won't help. I can't help you. What the emperor wants to do depends entirely on his mind, but this palace has to be famous. You have to remember that the queen can be established or abolished, and the princess is the same. The queen didn't want to hear her say even one more word, so she said that the couple of the five princes had been back to the palace for two days and asked her if she wanted to go and have a look? After all, the five princes had lived in the palace of the Prince of Yan for ten years, and the five princes were from the Qin family. The princess expected that she could not move the queen today, so she had to settle for the second best, saying that it would be better to go and see her niece. The empress asked the eunuch who served her in the palace to lead the way for Princess Yan. The princess was still disappointed all the way in the past. It was a pity that the purpose of entering the palace had not been achieved. When she entered the prince's house and arrived at the small courtyard where the five princes and their wives lived, she could no longer care about Qian Yu. The whole condition of the prince's house was overwhelmed. The marriage of the King of Yan was after the emperor ascended the throne, which meant that the princess was married directly to the Prince of Yan, and she did not live in the prince's house for even one day. When it comes to the relationship between the King of Yan and the princess, it is not like Xie Shizhou and Qian Yu getting married because they like each other. Nearly thirty years ago, when the pillars of the Qin family were still standing, it was the princess's grandfather who was in charge, and the family style of the Qin family was much better than it is now. At that time, even if she was not the most outstanding one in the capital, she looked good in all aspects, and her temperament was gentle and submissive, which made her stand out from many noble women and become a princess in the eyes of the queen mother. According to a rough calculation, the King of Yan had been married for twenty-seven or eight years, and the years were not short, but the couple had not had much heart-to-heart communication. The princess had not heard the King of Yan talk about his previous life in the palace, and now she could not believe that the princes had lived in such courtyards before they left the palace. The eunuch took her to a second courtyard and said that this was the place. The princess went in just in time to bump into Qin Yan that servant girl, the servant girl a princess called out the house, Qin Yan is also a few steps to the door, see standing in the courtyard is really her aunt, tears will come down. Qin Yan rushed up is a good cry, she also wanted to complain, the princess thought of the queen's people in front of her, sent the eunuch who led the way to ask her what was going on? Who gave you the yard? Can you live in such a big place? "Isn't the empress in charge of everything in the palace?"? Who else do you think can divide it? The princess refused to believe it. "I've been in contact with the empress for twenty-seven years since I married Wang Ye. She wouldn't have settled down in such a place. Did the empress tell her that the people below didn't do it?" Qin Yan wiped away her tears and could not say clearly, but it was the nurse who said for her: "The courtyard on this side of the prince's house was originally for the princes to live before they came of age. It's not narrow to live alone, but the five princes are not alone." The nurse said that the courtyard was still large in the empty courtyard, and that there were no smaller ones. The emperor asked the five princes to return to the palace, and the princes could only live in the palace and could not move to the harem. The princess understood, that is to say, she could not blame the queen. If you asked her to rearrange, she could not find a bigger courtyard. The prince's residence as a minor prince had not been repaired. Qin Yan heard this, thinking of the last two days, and thinking that she would have to live like this in the future. People can't help feeling sad. Aunt, I want to go back to the palace. I beg you. The empress sent the princess to the prince's house, which also made her feel embarrassed. Qin Yan said he wanted to go back to the palace, but the five princes were not the adopted sons of the King of Yan, so what else did he say? She also said that it would be all right to separate them. Or that,65 inch touch screen, the five princes are the son of the emperor, when to move out of the palace, where to move is the emperor has the final say. Can a mere princess of Yan still be the master of the emperor? Princess Yan found out that she could do nothing but listen to her niece crying and say a few words of comfort. hsdsmartboard.com