Genius Stick of Rebirth

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Xu Tianyin raised his eyes to look at her for a while,

Xu Tianyin raised his eyes to look at her for a while, got up, lay down on the sofa, and looked at her with dark eyes, "Sleep." Xia Shao smiled, said good night to him, and closed his eyes. She was tired and had to get up early tomorrow, and she should be able to fall asleep as soon as she lay down, but as soon as she calmed down, her thoughts turned to the ribbon-cutting ceremony tomorrow. After this night, tomorrow's media questions must get to the bottom of it, and she has to think about how to reply. However, Xia Shao is not too worried about this. This time, through Xiong Huaixing, Huaxia also has a good relationship with the largest newspapers and magazines in the province. Any industry has hidden rules, the media also rely on performance to eat, such a big news, presumably they will grasp the scale. After all, if the scale is appropriate, Huaxia can arrange an exclusive interview appropriately. Exclusive, no one doesn't want it, right? Xia Shao closed his eyes and gently raised his lips. Tomorrow in the media, they must have made arrangements for Chen Grand Slam. Such things should not need to worry about themselves. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony and the press conference tomorrow, she will make some arrangements to enhance the credibility of the industry, and then get the shares in Wang Daolin's hands, so that Shengxing Group can truly become Huaxia Group! How to do these things, Xia Shao already had a thought in his heart. But she had to think it over again from beginning to end, to see if there was anything wrong, if there were any loopholes,digital whiteboard price, or if she could do better. I don't know how long after this thought, the room was so quiet that the breath could be heard. Half of Xia Shao's face was buried in the quilt, his eyes were closed, his breathing was even, and he looked as if he had fallen asleep. In the sofa, Xu Tianyin got up. He got up so lightly that there was no sound when he stepped on the ground, and even the slight sound of his clothes rubbing was controlled to the extreme. He moved nimbly, like a part of the night, and sat down in his place, without a sound. Xia Shao is slightly stupefied. Even if ordinary people are awake, it is very difficult to perceive this very subtle movement,information kiosk price, but Xia Shao's feeling is keen, she immediately Leng Leng. As soon as she was stunned, her breath was slightly different from that just now, and Xu Tianyin was keenly aware of it for the first time and raised his eyes. Xia Shao also opened his eyes at this time. Their eyes collided in the moonlit room, deep darkness and Pure Brightness like water, obviously not asleep just now. Xia Shao did not expect Xu Tianyin to sit on the ground again, did he have to do this to sleep? In that case, why did he lie down when she asked him to go to the sofa just now? Xia Shao drooped his eyes, not. In order to please her, let her sleep at ease? This guess let her heart can not say the taste, and then look at Xu Tianyin, see the man also sitting on the ground looking at her. He didn't seem to think that she didn't sleep. He looked at her with dark eyes and asked aloud for a long time, "Can't sleep?"? Because I'm here? His voice was a little light, with a tentative inquiry, but Xia Shao was stunned. She didn't speak, but the man seemed to think she had acquiesced. His body stiffened slightly, then he lowered his head and nestled in the shadow of the sofa. After a while, he nodded gently and stood up. Before Xia Shao could react to what was going on, Xu Tianyin went to the bathroom. When he came out, he was dressed neatly in a military uniform and stood at the door of the bathroom, temperature scanning kiosks ,temperature check kiosk, looking at her from a distance with lingering eyes. Go to bed early. His breath was a little short, and in the dark room, it made people's hearts ache. He took another deep look at her and then turned around. Xia Shao saw that he was leaving. She did not know how anxious her heart was, and before her mind could react, she had already stopped him, "Elder Martial Brother!" Xu Tianyin stopped and turned around. Xia Shao has sat up from the bed, "how do you sleep when you go back?"? Are you still sleeping there? She glanced at the sofa, but Xu Tianyin only looked at her, silent. This default appearance only called Xia Shao slightly frowned, I do not know why the heart was blocked, some of the taste of heartache. She looked at the position of the sofa, and she naturally remembered that he said it was a habit. But she doesn't care how this habit is formed, she just wants to know, does he usually sleep like this? At home, in the military region? Find a hidden position, hide yourself, sit and fall asleep, in a position where you can get up and fight back at any time? Xia Shao frowned, directly lifted the quilt out of bed, went to Xu Tianyin's side, silently pulled him to the bedside, pressed down, pushed down! Then he neatly turned into bed, turned sideways, stretched out his hand, hugged him, closed his eyes and said, "Don't go anywhere!"! Sleep right here! She did a series of movements crisply and neatly, Xu Tianyin was stunned by her, he lay straight on the bed, a long time before he turned his head, watching the girl holding his arm, hugging his waist, eyes closed, lips pursed, rare serious look. But as soon as he turned his head, Xia Shao opened his eyes and his eyes fell on Xu Tianyin's well-dressed military uniform. He sat up again and pointed to the bathroom. "It's uncomfortable to sleep in this suit. Go!"! Change back. Xu Tianyin did not move, his eyes fell on her face, Xia Shao saw, directly tiger face, "go quickly!" “……” The man got up in silence, went to the bathroom, changed his robe and came back. When he came back, the quilt had been lifted. Silently lying up, the girl covered him with a quilt, gently leaned over, stretched out her arms and hugged him. This hug has nothing to do with romance or ambiguity. It's just a hug and a gentle pat. "Elder Martial Brother, this room is very safe. There's nothing dangerous. Go to sleep.". Have a good sleep. Xia Shao raised his eyes, looked at the man, and smiled softly. It was not as serious as it had been just now, but a quiet and soft smile, gently patting him and soothing him. Under the body is the soft bed, beside the girl's soft body, she is usually alert to these things, but now she is willing to hold him and sleep with him. Her breath was soft and serene, and he could even feel the exquisite and graceful body under the robe, but all the desire that had just arisen was in her quiet and smiling eyes at the moment. He saw her eyes closed, her head resting slightly on his arm, her lips smiling as if she were going to sleep. He also gently closed his eyes, breathing is her elegant breath, a breath into the bottom of my heart, lingering, making people quiet. Xu Tianyin closed his eyes in this quiet,face recognition identification kiosk, unconsciously gently took the girl into his arms, holding her in his arms, and actually gradually fell asleep. A dreamless night.