Huaisha, when we have no way to go.

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As a result, Dennis rose to the top and became a big star in Lian Qing.

As a result, Dennis rose to the top and became a big star in Lian Qing. Dennis's father used to run a bonesetter here, and we have a good relationship, but Dennis doesn't seem to like to take care of these little things, otherwise, hehe! How dare these kids come here! I want them to look good! The store manager made a gesture and shook his fist. Jane couldn't help laughing. I had to shake my head helplessly. Dennis, when I think of this man, I always feel bad. He fulfilled his promise, Liu Shi was beaten in Lian Qing also can not go on, but Chen Rui and his time together although not long but not happy. I know that I naturally have no position and qualifications to blame him, at least I have not done anything for Chen Rui, but the heart is uncomfortable. Strangely, no matter where I went, I always had something to do with him more or less. I began to think about whether I should go to Nantian Temple to burn some incense and worship Buddha. This Purely a product of my boredom. Cen Mo and Chen Rui's Short Cohabitation Life Interview Interviewer: Han Ting (lured by me with a hot pot) Interviewees: Cen Mo, Chen Rui (both of whom were coerced by me to appear on the show as authors, Khan) All right,24v Gear Motor, now the interview officially begins, the scene lighting photography is ready, action! Han Ting: Good evening, dear viewers. Welcome to today's special program on studying abroad. Today, I am honored to invite two Australian students, Cen Mo and Chen Rui,gear reduction motor, to talk about their cohabitation life. In addition, I also want to say that I am 19 years old, good appearance, still single, especially looking for single women under the age of 20 to compose love songs.. (Kicked away by the director) Commercial break ing After 2 minutes- Han Ting: Oh, everyone, welcome back to the program. Now the interview begins. How long have you two been living together? Cen Mo: We live together, not live together. Chen Rui: (rolling his eyes) Han Ting: This (wiping sweat).. You should know that I am also entrusted by others, so you two should answer the questions, otherwise the scenes will be cut in the future. Cen Mo: (helpless) About half a year. Han Ting: How did you come up with the idea of living together? Cen Mo: I was looking for a house, his roommate moved out to find someone to share, Small Dc Gear Motor ,micro gear motor, I see the rent conditions are appropriate to live in, right! You pulled the strings for us. Han Ting: There seems to be such a thing. Chen Rui: Can you ask questions or not? If there is nothing else, I will go to bed. Han Ting: No, I'm not doing it step by step. As soon as I came up, I asked fiercely, which scared you. Ahem! Okay, next question: What do you think are the strengths of the other person? Cen Mo: The advantage is that you do things very simply and don't mind your own business. Chen Rui: I can cook. Han Ting: Mo Mo, can you cook?! Can I go to your house for a meal in the future? Chen Rui: (coldly) You have to pay for his cooking. Han Ting: Really? Cen Mo: (embarrassed) Ah.. That one There is also a service fee. Han Ting: (Disappointed) Forget it. Next, what do you think of the other side's shortcomings? Cen Mo: Work and rest are not normal. I often stay out late. Chen Rui: I'm a neat freak. I especially like to take a bath. Han Ting: This seems to be a good habit. Chen Rui: (rolling his eyes again) Han Ting: Okay, okay, forget it. Next -- ever see each other naked? Cen Mo: Can you also ask this? Han Ting: (innocent expression) I asked according to the script. Cen Mo: (helpless) No. Han Ting: (Disappointed) Where is Chen Rui? Chen Rui: (expressionless) Yes. Han Ting: Really, really? When? (Excited) Cen Mo: Hello! Chen Rui: (still expressionless) Once his foot was injured. The day you sent him back, his wound could not touch water. It was inconvenient for him to move. I helped him take a bath for three days. Cen Mo: (Khan) Han Ting: Ah, I finally understand why it is a disadvantage to like to take a bath. By the way, is that-is Mo Mo's figure and skin all right? Cen Mo: Can I quit the show now? Chen Rui: To be honest, I didn't look carefully. Han Ting: Oh, really? Cen Mo: We were embarrassed to death, my legs are not convenient to move, he just helped me take off my pants, you do not think crooked! Chen Rui: If I have to say, he has a good figure, smooth skin, healthy complexion, and a butterfly-shaped birthmark on his right back and shoulder blade. Cen Mo: Chen Rui, there is no need to say so clearly. Chen Rui: (Smiling) I also want to break some news to win the appearance rate. Cen Mo: (black line) Han Ting: It's great that you can figure this out. Okay, the next question is-are there any super-friendship behaviors during your cohabitation, such as kissing, caressing, or even.. Cen Mo: Please watch the complete novel and you will know. Chen Rui: Yes. Han Ting: Hey, don't change the subject! Cen Mo: (with a fierce look in his eyes) If we say more, we will quit the program! Han Ting: (tears) I know … … (Flipping through the manuscript) Well, what do you two like to do before going to bed? Cen Mo: Read a book and write a diary. Chen Rui: I usually go to bed directly after taking a bath. Han Ting: What if you have insomnia? Chen Rui: If you can't sleep, listen to Happy Three Kingdoms. Han Ting: Huh? Could it be Cai Kangyong and Hou Wenyong's Happy Three Kingdoms? Chen Rui: Yes, or Cen Mo downloaded it and put it in my computer. I usually fall asleep after listening to it for more than ten minutes. Cen Mo: Then I will help him turn off the computer … … Otherwise I won't be able to sleep all night. He's playing the stereo too loud. Han Ting: (Khan..) Well, the last question for today is that the two have separated in the current development of the novel. Will you have a chance to meet again in the future? Cen Mo: Yes, but I can't disclose the details. Han Ting: Well, there is another problem. Chen Rui: Isn't it the last one? Han Ting: Huh? Did I say,Vending Machine Motor, oh, just one more question? Cen Mo: Afraid of you, say quickly!.