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Today, Allen's series of provocations, the storm two years ago,

Today, Allen's series of provocations, the storm two years ago, and the inquiries of countless people in the past two years have not made him feel even a trace of boredom or injustice. From the time he made that decision two years ago, he anticipated a series of possible damage to his reputation, which he ignored and did not care about. To this day, he has the same idea. But at this moment, Zhen Ai questioned him, this is he did not expect, more did not expect her a little bit of doubt to make him extremely uncomfortable. He lost control for a moment, went against the original decision, and said in a bad tone: "Because old Parker lied!" Zhen Ai pondered for a long time, but could not deduce any information from the existing words: "Lie?"? Why Her original intention was to ask what lies old Parker had told, but Yan Tou habitually deviated from his understanding and saw a deeper level. He turned to look at her, eyes in this moment dark and clear, as if laughing at something, but not the slightest smile: "Because some people think that a lie will become the truth." Zhen Ai looked at his deep eyes, as if bewitched, completely forgot the question just now, and asked uncontrollably: "Why do some people think so?" "Because more people, when they hear a lie, think it's true." He suddenly smiled. "For example,inflatable amusement park, you were just wondering if it was possible that I made a mistake and hurt someone." Zhen Ai was said by him, mercilessly stunned, she did not know whether this idea has angered him, wanted to verify, but he has withdrawn his eyes, look at the stage again. His eyes were quiet and silent, reflecting the various lights on the stage, and he could no longer see his mind clearly. # Two years ago,Inflatable bouncer, New York City, Warton High School, Squash club locker room. Kelly, will you stop smoking? It's killing me! Anna frowned, waved irritably at the smoke in front of her nose, and stared angrily at him with thick mascara eyes. Kelly, with his red hair, smiled wickedly and came to her with a puff of smoke. Anna was so angry that she rushed up and was about to attack, but was stopped by Qi Mo and Daisy. Qi Mo is small, Daisy is a girl, two people can hardly stop Anna's strength. Tony, the oldest, stood aside with a bad look on his face and scolded him habitually: "I said, can you not quarrel?"? Now that the police have investigated, can't we be more friendly and United? Kelly took a deep puff on his cigarette. "Unity, my ass!"! When I found Laura's body, Inflatable meltdown ,inflatable castle with slide, I said to dig a hole and bury her. Who listened to me? Call the police one by one. Is that all right? The police came and said that the murderer was among us. You want us to unite, to unite with the murderer? Don't say that. We were all looking for Laura in the forest when she was hanging from the tree on the roof of the car. Qi Mo's face turned white, pushed the black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and whispered, "The police suspected us because we didn't tell the story of Lin Xing.". Don't throw yourself into confusion and fall into the trap of the Avenger. "You are the most annoying!" Kelly looked at him annoyingly, and the latter immediately lowered his head and said nothing. Kelly exhaled a puff of smoke and added, "What's that S. A.?". Yes It seems that the list of squash clubs was taken away yesterday, and Lin Xing's name was also on it. I tell you, you all be careful, if anyone dares to reveal any information, just wait and see! "But," hesitated Daisy, who had been silent, "he seemed to have talked to (Harry) Parker, and I saw that Parker looked very ill. I'm afraid he's already said something. Kelly smiled coldly. "Impossible!" Then he took out his cell phone and said to himself, "But speaking of which, where is Parker?"? He asked us to come over, but he didn't see anyone. I can't get through the phone. It's on! At the same time, a ringing mobile phone rang in the empty dressing room. Everyone was startled. You looked at me and I looked at you, and my eyes were full of fear. After a long time, someone called his name softly, "Harry?"? Parker?” No one cares. The bell is still singing. The students' hair grew on end. The boys, who had just quarreled, clasped their hands to each other and walked boldly in the direction of the bell. Eyes eventually fell on the shower. Rows of transparent glass doors, only a mist. "Maybe he just took a shower here and forgot his cell phone," Anna said in a trembling voice. But who goes into the shower with a cell phone? Several people gathered in a tight group, trembling close to the foggy door. Qi Mo, who wore glasses, opened his eyes wide in amazement: "Look at the glass!" As soon as everybody looked, a five-pointed star and a line of words appeared again on the fog: "You are my medicine.". The two girls, Anna and Daisy, were too weak to get close to each other. Qi Mo was so frightened that he crowded into a pile with them and crossed himself desperately on his chest: "He's coming. The Avengers are coming to kill us!" Kelly listened irritably and scolded, "a bunch of useless things." Then he shouted in the shower room, "Parker, what are you doing to me?" Pull open the bathroom door. Like Lola, this time Harry Simon Parker was naked and hanging over a high shower head. The author has something to say: Thank you for throwing a landmine. Drugs, lies, pranks On the lawn of Central Park, hundreds of people gathered here, looking at the temporary stage in the center. At the moment when the conductor raised his finger, all was quiet. On the stage, the students forget themselves and play their beloved instruments, cello, violin, trombone, piano.. Streams of music, like streams of water, swirled in the night air with the baton and flowed into the hearts of the audience. Zhen Ai stood in the crowd, full of piety and awe. In the pure music that shakes the sky like this,inflatable water slide, the distracting thoughts in the brain are expelled cleanly, only intoxicated. The ups and downs of the music made her so happy that she turned to look at him. He still had his hands in his pockets. What was rare was that he looked satisfied with a light smile on his lips. Zhen Ai breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. At the end of the song, the crowd left.