Biography of the Queen of E-sports

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Hee-sung wanted to say that it wouldn't matter if I hugged her,Automated warehouse systems, but she was a girl after all, and he couldn't say that no matter how much of a bastard he was. Two people can only stare at each other, at a loss.

It's all right! Me and you, who and who! It's not presumptuous at all! Said Ji Yundie. It's not because of this. That's all. Seeing that Ji Yundie had been difficult to communicate to the extreme, Cheng Luofan simply gave up communication. What's the reason? Do you want to steal the information of your opponent? Ji Yundie stayed for a few seconds, "I tell you I have professional ethics." Cheng Luofan: ".." Ji Yundie: "But if you use the honey trap, I can think about it ^ _ ^" Cheng Luofan: ".." This is probably the time when silence is better than sound. Spread out your hands. Off topic. July members on this side run hand in hand in the sunset, not knowing whether to recall the lost youth or to confuse each other with this action, while the formation on this side of the imperial court has been quietly launched. The tall reeds covered the figures of the people, and from God's point of view, we could see that the battle was imminent. Li Ran, don't rush to the glory barrier, go up with the master to absorb a wave of damage; Yu Yi, group control; yuan Jie, find a chance to cut the priest or Mo Hang. Ji Yundie typed quickly. The formation of July, which had looked somewhat chaotic, was also unfolded in an instant, and everyone was in their place, and the ripples of Yu Yi's smile had begun to chant incantations. Over there, Mo Hang typed only two words in the team channel: "Interrupt." Almost at the same time,metal racking systems, Ren Sheng's arrows hit like a meteor. Jiang Li ran forward and intercepted the arrow. Ji Yundie squinted at the opponent's formation. Ruohuang: The wizard and the priest are separated. Li Ran, the priest; Master, the wizard. Of course, the words of the conductor during the competition are very simple, and the fast-paced battle can not give the players too much time to type. And the imperial court over there has already rushed over in a threatening manner. Manipulating the heavy swordsman, Ruohuang confronted Jiang Yuhuan's teddy bear,asrs warehouse, while Gao Feiying's assassin disappeared in place with a twist of his body. Quickly swept the scene of the situation, Ji Yundie heart a shock, it seems that something is wrong. The wind on the scene is too strong, and where the wind of Mo Hang is, I don't know when it has stood in the limelight. The reeds are also a little too luxuriant. Almost at the same time -- Ruohuang: Retreat! Smiling Ripples: Top up! Two completely different instructions, Ji Yundie slightly stupefied for a second, July everyone was stupefied for a second, and then Ji Yundie quickly typed. Ruohuang: Listen to Yu Yi. This is Yu Yi's first real-time command in the competition. Where the wind really released the fire spell of meteor fire rain, the aoe damage, and the reeds burned immediately. At the same time, the imperial team members had planned to retreat one after another. Shit.. Su Heng scolded in the heart, looking at the life value of all people in July is dropping. Smiling ripples: yuan Jie, jump into the lake. The same very simple instructions, heavy duty metal racking ,automated warehouse systems, although Wang yuanjie did not know why Yu Yi let him jump into the lake alone, but he still did. So he ran head-on into the assassin of Gao Feiying who was lying in ambush there, and the two of them fought with each other. And the wind spell of the smiling ripple has finally finished singing. Smiling Ripples: Go! The burning flame reflected half the sky, and all kinds of skills were flying around, which made people dizzy. Smiling Ripples: Group Healing. Holy Light Prayer. It was a little hard for Yu Yi to type while fighting, so Ji Yundie added a sentence along her train of thought. Ruohuang: Then you can die, Su Heng. Su Heng: ".." Well, in fact, what Yu Yi means is that after releasing the two big skills of the priest, they can go to exchange our priest for the enemy priest. At this time, his value in the team battle is far less than that of the other priest, so this exchange is very cost-effective, but let Ji Ji butterfly explain this, what is this.. Tucao is Tucao, but Su Heng meticulously completed their instructions. At first, it was a little rusty. Ji Yundie helped Yu Yi to check leaks and fill vacancies, but later Yu Yi's command became more and more smooth. Priest successfully exchanged. Gao Feiying and Wang yuanjie were playing well over there, and suddenly a Sun Wenbo came out and scared Gao Feiying out of his wits. We agreed to fight one by one! Just come to someone else, but it's Sun Wenbo who just left a shadow on Gao Feiying in the arena! Jiang Yuhuan has always had a strange skeleton, and it seems that saving the world is not a problem, but what he met was indeed Ji Yundie. The situation is almost stable. ‘ In the end, as Mo Hang fell under the joint attack of Ji Xiaodie and Sun Wenbo, he won the team competition in July. The imperial court was completely destroyed, and in July there were two people, Sun Wenbo and Ji Ydie. This competition can be called a big victory, from the individual competition, the arena competition, to today's team competition. In July, the fans finally felt proud and elated in the face of the imperial fans. Ruohuang: Qiuluo Qiuluo, I won! Did you see the game? We won! Qiu Luo: Uh-huh Ruohuang: Oh! Why are you so enthusiastic today? Qiu Luo: Is it casual? Ruohuang: All right, you are so casual. Saying that you have finished the first round of the game, ah, 3:0 to the north wind, you do not say a little pity, the interview Lingge beauty seems to be crying. Qiu Luo: It was Mo Zi who knocked her out of the ring Ruohuang: You are shirking your responsibility. Saying that those media are really anxious to see the world in disorder, it has been so long that they are still mentioning that she let Mozi's hand injury recur, as if Mozi's injury was not his hand but that. Qiu Luo: What? Ruohuang: 0.0 Meow Autumn Fall:. Ruohuang: Hey, hey.. Autumn Fall:. Ruohuang: Ah, I can't. Why do you do anything to poke my girl's heart beating so fast? The stag is bumping.. Qiu Luo: What did I do. Ruohuang: Your existence is a mistake. Are you born to flirt with my qwq? Qiu Luo: All right. Is the next match with the imperial court the day after tomorrow? Ruohuang: Yes, are you coming to see me? Qiu Luo: Well,push back racking system, that's what I'm going to do. Phoenix: WTF? Are you serious? Qiu Luo: The first round of Green Destiny is over. I have to wait at least two weeks for the second round, so I can go there these days. I'm just worried that it will affect your state. Ruohuang: It should not affect it. What Ji said was not very sure, but the desire to see him overwhelmed everything. Ruohuang: I miss you very much. Qiu Luo: I know. Ruohuang:..