Xiu Zhu Ge

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Hee-sung wanted to say that it wouldn't matter if I hugged her,Automated warehouse systems, but she was a girl after all, and he couldn't say that no matter how much of a bastard he was. Two people can only stare at each other, at a loss.

It has to be said that Su Jinyan in her previous life was very proud of her husband's position. Because of the identity of a Dongping Hou Fu's wife, she felt that there was light on her face, and wherever she went, people said good words to flatter her. She enjoys the feeling of being supported. Luo Shiquan thought her daughter was shy. Holding her arm, she sat up straight and said kindly, "What are you ashamed of with your mother?"? Mother has only one daughter, and if you want it, mother will naturally try her best to arrange it for you. Su Jinyan, however, did not want to talk about this topic. She bowed her head and replied, "My daughter is still young. My sisters haven't said anything yet. It's too early for my mother to worry about it." Luo's eyes were full of smiles. Her daughter's family was thin-skinned after all, and she no longer forced her. She only said, "From the moment you were born, my mother hoped that my daughter would find a good home in the future and be happy all her life." Su Jinyan has mixed feelings in her heart. Did you let her down in your last life? How many years she lived, how many days she worried about. I remember when I first chose Yu Heng, my mother said that such a man, all day long arty, play with words, I am afraid there is not much responsibility. Watching the old Marquis died, he inherited the title of the Marquis of Dongping, but if it were not for the support of several married aunts, Hou Fu would have gone downhill. Later,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, when he got married, he seemed to have changed his appearance and felt very different from his earlier impression. Hou Fu from top to bottom wants him to make decisions, do things decisively, and handle things in an orderly manner. At that time, he only felt that his mother had misjudged him, and he was even happier for his persistence. But life after marriage was not as sweet as she had imagined. His talent and learning, he can not afford to; his wit, not in their own eyes to show; and his tenderness,pallet rack shelving, like a flash in the pan for himself, short and traceless. The mood is low for a moment. Luo Shi only thought that her daughter did not want to mention this topic. Just as she was thinking of saying something else, she suddenly looked up and asked, "Mother, is the fourth sister getting married soon?" Chapter 42 meticulousness Luo Shi did not know how her daughter suddenly asked this question. After a pause, she said, "Where did you hear this?" Su Jinyan only hooked Luo's arm and shook it: "Mother, isn't it?" "I think there are some slaves who talk too much." Luo Shi then hissed and said, "Yuna, this is about your fourth sister's reputation. Don't spread it outside." Su Jinyan tilted her head and said, "Is that true?" Her heart was beating so fast that she wanted her family to be safe and did not want anyone to suffer misfortune. If the fourth sister is because she does not want to marry Qian Fu to throw the water, that is not as long as the marriage is disturbed, the tragedy will not happen? "Yes, the old lady told your fourth sister herself yesterday, and she agreed." Roche smiled. Su Jinyan asked herself in her heart, with the temperament of her fourth sister, industrial racking systems ,medium duty racking, would she refuse if she didn't agree? She just has all kinds of ideas in her heart, but she always treats people obediently, even if it involves the rest of her life. What kind of good family is it? Why didn't my daughter hear anything earlier? Su Jinyan looked curious. Luo Shi did not want to talk deeply, only said: "These things, the old lady has a master in her heart, Yuna, you don't ask too much." "Madam, the three girls are here." "Why, mother still keeps mother Zhu?"? "That kind of slave, the heart does not know who to face early, put beside, point to not know which day to bite oneself." Outside the mother of Zhu Fang finished, heard the words of the seven girls almost grinding their teeth, the whole person is really a spirit. Hearing his wife's reply, he asked the third girl to go in, but she did not move. Then he heard the first wife say, "It's a slave. The old lady gave it to her mother. How can I turn it down?"? Yuna doesn't need to be angry. If her mother dares to put it around her, she will have her own way to cure her. Don't say such nonsense again, or she may turn around and spread your words to the outside, so that you will be accused of colliding with your elders in vain. When Mother Zhu heard this, she quickly withdrew her ears and stepped back, but in her heart she murmured that her wife's words were obviously meant for her. His love to listen to the corner of the problem, these years the wife is clear, she suddenly remembered the last time in private to the clove after the monthly money, the wife only said four words to himself: take care of yourself. Mother Zhu knew in her heart that the first wife was reminding herself what to do and what not to do. She also knew that the old lady was old, and after a hundred years, the first wife was always in charge of the house. If she wanted to continue working in the Su family, she could not offend her. If you don't continue to keep an eye on the first wife's behavior for the old lady, you have to hide the old lady. These two people can't afford to be provoked by anyone. I wanted to please the three girls and relax in front of the old lady, but I didn't want to be a good person and make the seven girls unhappy. When Su Jinyu entered the room, she saw the seven younger sisters snuggling up to Luo's side, holding their heads high and smiling, not knowing what they were saying. When their footsteps approached, the two of them looked up one after another, and the arms of the seven sisters were still hanging on Roche. Su Jinyu gathered her eyebrows and whispered, "My daughter has seen her mother." Then he nodded to Su Jinyan next to him, "Seven Sisters." "Third Sister." The girl's voice was clear and loud, Su Jinyu was stiff for a moment, and the eyes that looked at her quietly were withdrawn. I haven't slept all night. Why don't you have a rest and come to my mother so early? Obviously, for the reason that Su Jinyu sneaked out last night, Luo Shi also felt excusable, although it was awkward but also understood. Su Jinyu's face was a little haggard, but she did not reduce the beauty of her face at all. She smiled shallowly, "My daughter made a mistake and came to listen to her mother's lesson." Then, without waiting for the servant to take the futon, he knelt down on the shiny hard floor tiles. Luo Shi hurriedly asked someone to help her up and said, "You know you're wrong and you've been punished. Mother can't say anything about you.". It's just that it's too dangerous for my daughter's family to go out alone at night. If she leaves the house for something, she can report it to her family and take someone out. Su Jinyu was very respectful. She nodded and said, "Thank you for your mother's teaching." Then he looked up and said,shuttle rack system, "It's my daughter's thoughtlessness. Yesterday was the autumn evening. It was a good day. I was afraid of spoiling everyone's interest, but I didn't want to let my grandmother and mother worry about my daughter in the end. It's really wrong." "If you think too much and the old lady doesn't blame you, how can your mother blame you?" 。 kingmoreracking.com