Chen Qingyun is an ugly swordsman

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The average score of this course in his class is also a record since the establishment of the department. There is only one reason: Luo Hui, the teaching assistant of this course.

The two men ran in the direction where the boy in black had just disappeared. Xuan Miao Nunnery Located in the pine forest between the peaks, it covers an area of about half an acre, from which you can see the "Huaiyu Villa" in the distance. At the end of the third watch, the Golden Nunnery was in a gloomy silence, except for the blue lamp in front of the Buddha. Suddenly — — — A sharp and harsh wolf howl, delimited by the dead night, distant came the wild mountain wolf, this is a common thing, but this exposure, but It is not like an ordinary wolf howl, which is long, mournful, swaying and harsh, and it makes people's hair stand on end. Howl from far and near, to the front of the nunnery, then silent. Inside the Buddhist temple, a middle-aged nun appeared, and in the light, you could see that the middle-aged woman's face was full of fear. Her face was frightfully pale, as if something of the utmost horror were about to befall her. She burned incense in front of the Buddha, then trembled to face the door of the Buddha Hall and sat cross-legged on the futon, eyes slightly closed and hands counting. Beads, murmuring in their mouths as if chanting sutras. A smile that made people tremble came from the shadows outside the Buddha Hall. The nun's whole body shook. When she opened her eyes, the muscles on her face twitched. "Is that Big Brother?" She said in a chestnut voice. In the shadow, a voice like a broken Gong said, "At all costs, it's me!" "What is the purpose of Big Brother's visit?" "Hey,Magnesium Oxide price, hey, hey, sister, you ask knowingly!" "I have been converted to the Samana, and the name of the Dharma is Confusion!" "Then I should call you Mistress Confused." "Amitabha, my Buddha is merciful!" "Hey, hey, hey, although your Buddha is merciful, I'm afraid it's hard to save you!" "Misty Abbess,magnesium sulfate monohydrate," her whole body trembled again, and she said in a trembling voice, "Elder Martial Brother, would you please tell me the purpose of your visit?" "Come back to Tiannan with me to see the master," the voice in the dark was even more cold and harsh. "Misty Abbess" shot a look of resentment in her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, "Master, is he going to make a slip of the tongue to his subordinates? Who promised me to find another home. "Whatever you say!" "The poor nun is already a Buddhist disciple, Big Brother." "Shut up, you just say, go or not?" It took Abbess Mijue a long time to burst out two words: "No!" "Hey, hey, hey, don't blame Elder Martial Brother for being cruel!" "How is it?" "There are only two ways for you to go now. One is to go back with me." "I can't," said Abbess Mijue in a harsh voice. "The second way is death!" You.. You There is no humanity. "Li Fangzhi, would you rather die than follow when your heart is like iron stone?" Hidden in the front of the hall eaves corner of the palace enmity, first heard "Li Fangzhi" three words, heart on the fierce shock, "Li Fangzhi", this The name is so familiar. Where do you seem to have heard it? He thought, Magnesium Oxide powder ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, thought deeply, and searched his memory. Misty Abbess opened her eyes and shouted, "Dongfang Lei, you are dreaming!" The mysterious man in the shadow, who was called Dongfang Lei, once again gave a sharp laugh and said in the tone of a chestnut man, "Then you have no choice but to Your sister did it all the way! "Misty Abbess" Meng Ke Li stood up and a string of beads fell to the ground. "Beast," she said in a broken voice, "did you take my sister What's wrong with my sister? "Li Fangzhi," said Lei Yin of the East with compassion, "a monk should refrain from anger. Calm down. Your sister ascended to bliss two years ago. "Yes!" "Misty Abbess" roared: "Beast, your death is not enough to pay for it!" The body is shaking to fall. Gong Qiudeng rushed to his chest, and his blood boiled all over his body. He remembered that this "Misty Abbess" was exactly what his mother had said in her suicide note. Aunt "Ruthless Fairy" Li Fangzhi, his mother asked him to find a teacher for himself without the following, unexpectedly she became a monk here, obedient There is no doubt that Dongfang Lei must be the "Venerable Sirius"! Could it be that the mother is also a disciple of the "Venerable Sirius". At this moment- A figure, like a giant bird, was projected from the shadow to the Buddha Hall. "Not good!" Cried Gong Qiu. Flying body attack.. A mournful cry came from the Buddha Hall. Gong Qiu's heart suddenly sank, and as soon as his body shape was implemented, the strength of a row of mountains had already covered his body. The power of the palm was surprisingly strong, and Gong Qiu was shocked back two steps in a hurry. The other side has stood face to face. Only then did Gong Qiu see clearly that the man's face was like a blue ingot, his eyes were shooting green awn, and he was dressed in a blue cloth robe, ugly and ferocious. However, he gritted his teeth and said, "Your Excellency is the Venerable Sirius. '?"? " As soon as Dongfang Lei died, "Hey," he sneered, "Not bad!" In the face of the enemy who killed his mother, Gong Qiu's eyes were about to crack. He shouted, "Accept your life!" "Hu" to a palm, toward the east when the chest of thunder, this palm is the first of the three palm moves contained in "a gold ingot". "Broken clouds and zero rain" seems to be ordinary, but in fact, it is abstruse and mysterious, and its potential is like a mountain. Eastern Leiden's eyes showed horror, and his palms avoided each other, as if sealed. "Bang!" However, in the loud noise, Dongfang Lei was inevitably swept by a palm in the left shoulder blade, "thump, thump" back three big. Step, the heart was shocked to the extreme, he went into the Central Plains, can be said to be the first time to eat deflated. Gong Qiu did not dare to despise each other. In the "Abandoned Garden of the Zhao Family", Zhuge Ying and Sun Pingzhang, the first Dharma Protector, joined hands to attack each other. The other side can not touch a corner of the clothes, helplessly watching the other side calmly and escape, so he came to save the heart of a stroke, a move fell through. Next, the second move "the moon falls and the stars sink" follows. The thunder in the east, like a lightning bullet, fluttered outside and fell into the courtyard in front of the Buddha Hall. Perhaps he could not accept this rare sight. It's a strange way to smell. Gong Qiu gritted his teeth and was waiting. In the Buddhist temple, there was a terrible cry, and the monk's robe of "Misty Abbess" was broken, rolling and tearing unceasingly. The blue shadow flashed into the night sky. Gong Qiu thought it was important to save people first. Dongfang Lei could not escape sooner or later. He stamped his feet and entered the Buddha Hall. Among them, I saw that "Misty Abbess" was already out of shape. Obviously, she was hit by Dongfang Lei's "heart-breaking and blood-breaking palm". Gong Qiu Lingxu pointed to her acupoint and said excitedly, "Auntie,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Auntie, you..." "Misty Abbess" opened her absent eyes and said weakly, "You.. Who are you 。