Ao Feng _ 4

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The average score of this course in his class is also a record since the establishment of the department. There is only one reason: Luo Hui, the teaching assistant of this course.

Jin Tian is not surprised, after all, Ao Feng three people out of the mountain just half a year, and almost all spent in seclusion, it is impossible to be so quickly familiar with the ways of the world, perhaps they do not know how their talent is! Thinking of this, his eyes lit up and he asked Ao Feng: "By the way, under the crown of the cloud and wind, your practice speed is so fast that you should not have reached 100 years old, right?" 'What's The matter? Is there anything to say within a hundred years of age? Ao Feng asked curiously, is it possible that there is something like the Northern Wind and Cloud List in the Qin world. Her tone is obviously acquiesced, Jin Tian looked at her eyes can not help but bright a few minutes, ha ha a smile: "too big to say, but we Qingyang city thirteen tribes annual warrior day is must be within a hundred years old young brave people can participate in, in the Qin world every main city has such activities, and tribal joint hunting." The first warrior of the city was selected through competition, so as to promote the cultivation of tribal members. "This Warrior's Day was originally in the middle of this month, but it unexpectedly met with this encirclement and suppression action. I don't know if the encirclement and suppression action can end at that time, but now all the masters of Qingyang are gathered. After discussion, the thirteen patriarchs set the Warrior's Day competition for tonight.". Now the competition is in progress, Jinya they all went there, I am also about to take people over, the tribal chiefs and the Lord of the city should be there, after the meeting will be assigned to their respective tasks in this operation. "Warrior's Day"? That sounds like fun! Ao Feng smiled softly, turned his eyes, touched his chin and asked,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, "All the strong men within a hundred years old can compete. Will Luo Feng play?" "Of course, Luo Feng is only 46 years old this year. There is no reason not to go up. It is stipulated that there is only an age limit but no rank limit for the strong to participate in the Warrior's Day competition.". That guy is really a great talent. He has won the title of the first warrior in Qingyang for several years in a row. Now he has been promoted to the king level. This year's crown is definitely his, and I'm afraid no one will be able to beat him in decades. Speaking of Luo Feng, the head of the Jintian clan had a little more emotion on his face. After a pause, he went on to say: "But according to the usual practice, the major tribes are dispatched from low-level practitioners, mainly to let some newly promoted strong people show their faces. He can't play until the end.". Under the crown of cloud and wind, I tell you that I don't want you to win the first place. I just want you to improve your fame among the tribes of Qingyang City. The half-king is strong enough to make the people of the major tribes respect him. The power of faith of ten thousand great lords is very good for cultivation. LuoFeng is practice so fast, and he got a lot of faith because of the name of the first genius of Qingyang city is not unrelated, the warrior's day in the competition stipulates that the low level can challenge the high level, but the high level can't force the low level practitioners to start, this is a matter of course not to talk about what to lose face, as long as you don't collide with him head-on, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he also can't you, You go through the motions and let everyone see you. Ao Feng smiled with some deep meaning: "How did the patriarch know that I must not be the opponent of Luo Feng?"? No one can beat him for decades? I'm afraid not! Qingyang first warrior's competition, Aofeng is not very concerned, but if Luo Feng stays above, she does not mind pulling him down! She had a deep resentment against the man who dared to hurt his companion, and she would not let go of any chance to hit him! Aware of Aofeng's deep hostility to Luo Feng, Jin Tian frowned slightly and said, "Under the crown of Yunfeng, it's not that I look down on you, but you'd better not go to trouble with Luo Feng for the time being.". The gap between the half-king and the king is too big. Even if there is a legendary Warcraft, you may not be his opponent. Last time you were able to attack him successfully, on the one hand, because Luo Feng underestimated the enemy, on the other hand, he did not enter the king. Now I'm afraid that's not the case. If you want to be an enemy of him, at least you have to wait for the crown or your legendary Warcraft to enter the king. Last time in the night song mountain red hit that hidden, did not fully appear out, Jintian three kings did not find his strength, naturally want to worry about Ao Feng. Knowing that he meant well, Aofeng nodded and said with a smile, "I know that. Don't worry, the patriarch. I won't make fun of my own safety. Besides, this competition is under the eyes of the Lord of the city. In addition, the encirclement and suppression operation is imminent. Who has the courage to really lay a heavy hand?" Listening to her tone, Jin Tian knew that she had not given up. He secretly stroked his forehead and stared with a headache. "Who has the courage to do that?"? Who was the guy who burned Luofeng in front of three kings last time? The boy looks casual and easy to talk to, but sometimes he is stubborn and extreme! Knowing that she could not be persuaded, Jin Tian said no more. Anyway, Luo Feng absolutely did not have the courage to kill people in front of the Lord of Qin Chiyuan. At most, she suffered a little loss. Ao Feng several people with Jin Tian along the way, to the center of the thirteen tribal camp, saw a vast grassland, it is estimated that when the camp was deliberately left. Surrounded by heads, each force of the thirteen tribes formed a phalanx, looking like a well-trained army. The thirteen camps formed a large battle circle, with dozens of wooden stakes in the outer circle, lit with bright fire, shining on the two warriors who were fighting in the center. The light of the flame was particularly bright, and the two strong figures who were fighting stood out, and from time to time there were bursts of applause and applause from the crowd. The atmosphere is extremely lively, but this fight is only a formality, did not fight in the air, obviously did not seriously use all their strength,Magnesium Sulphate producer, even the big move did not see several times. As soon as the line of sight swept around, Ao Feng saw Qin Chiyuan standing in the middle of the thirteen tribes not far away. He still had a haughty look on his face. It seemed that no one cared about him. Behind him, all the big lords wearing golden armor were very dazzling.