Double Phoenix Flag-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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They use it during the day,Fiberglass tape measure, which keeps out a lot of wind and snow. Closer and closer to home, everyone is also happy, Ye Dad is also very happy to say that the gold and silver nest outside is not as good as the grass nest at home.

Jiang Yanxia said, "The younger generation wants to understand one thing, that is, whether the swordsmanship of heaven and earth is a unique skill in the world. If the younger generation learns it, what is the use?" The black-clad old man hesitated for a moment and said, "As far as I know, the swordsmanship of heaven and earth is a rare wonder in the martial arts world. Its power is so strong that few people in the world can match it." At this point, he suddenly hesitated for a moment and said, "You've ventured here.." "The younger generation was forced by the situation to come here." "Have you ever thought about one thing?" Asked the old man in black. "What's the matter?" Asked Jiang Yanxia. "When you get here and discover the truth," said the elder sister in black, "what ability do you have to stop what is about to happen?" Jiang Yanxia said, "If the younger generation can join hands with Yu Ruo to fight against the enemy, even if the enemy is strong, the younger generation can deal with it." The elder sister in black shook her head and said, "Son, don't trust yourself too much. Even if you work with Yu Ruoxian, it's hard to make a difference." After pondering for a while, he said, "You have only one hope, and that is to learn the swordsmanship of the old man." "Are you serious?" Asked Jiang Yanxia. "If you don't believe the old man, why don't you try?" Said the old man in black. "How do you try it?" Asked Jiang Yanxia. "The old man is sitting still," said the old woman in black. "You two join hands to attack me." Jiang Yanxia said in her heart, "No matter how strong your martial arts are, it's too exaggerated to sit still and refuse to block our two attacks." In the heart reads turns, the mouth said: "Old elder, starts to fight, is very difficult to control just right, no matter who is injured, is not too good..." "Never mind," said the elder sister in black. "Be careful. You don't have to worry about the old man." Jiang Yanxia said to herself, "Her tone is so big and resolute. It seems that she can't be beaten." Then he said, "In that case, it is better for the younger generation to obey orders than to be respectful." "We don't have much time," said the old man in black with a smile. "When you make a move, please go all out." Jiang Yanxia looked back at Brother Rong and said,Adhesive fish ruler, "Rong Rong attacked on the left, and my concubine attacked on the right." Deceives the body to go up, the right hand "the wave strikes the reef rock", goes straight to the past. Brother Rong saw that Jiang Yanxia had already made a move, and he also waved and clapped a hand from the left side. The old concubine looked at the two palms, left and right together, as if not seen, still sitting still. Jiang Yanxia's palm had already touched the clothes of the old concubine, but she stopped in time and said, "Why didn't the elder fight back?" Brother Rong clapped his hands on the back shoulder of the old concubine, but when he heard a bang, the old concubine still sat still, and Brother Rong was shocked to take a step back. Brother Rong felt a slight numbness and pain on his right side, and he couldn't help being stunned. The girl in black turned to look at Jiang Yanxia and said with a smile, "I believe the girl's hand can't hurt her old body." Jiang Yanxia frowned and said, "Although the elder has profound internal skills, it's hard to avoid saying too much.." The old man in black said coldly, Wheel tape measure ,fish measuring tape, "Try to hit the old man with all your strength!" Jiang Yanxia slowly raised her right palm and clapped it. Sure enough, the elder sister in black still did not dodge. Just heard a bang, go to the left. Jiang Yanxia only felt that her palm was like a platform on a group of bubbles, disappearing most of its strength, and then, like hitting a solid stone, shaking her wrist numb. Originally, that black clothes old frame, first luck, makes the wide clothes swell up, eliminates Jiang Yanxia part of the palm strength, and then withstands a blow. After Jiang Yanxia saw that the old concubine had received a slap, as if nothing had happened, she immediately said, "The old man has a profound skill in playing the piano, and the younger generation admires him very much." The old man in black said, "The old man has received one hand from each of you. I am trying to make you believe that the old man is talking freely and exaggerating the power of the Heaven and Earth Sword, so that you can learn the sword." Jiang Yanxia said, "The elder seems to want us to learn the swordsmanship, doesn't he?" "Yes," said the elder sister in black, "I understand that apart from the two swords, I'm afraid it's hard for me to meet such a suitable person as the two in my life." With a long sigh, he said, "Alas!"! I have been waiting for this for many years, and I have endured great pain. ” Jiang Yanxia said, "The old-timer is very sad." "Yes," said the elder sister in black! Do you think the old man is happy to guard the door here? Jiang Yanxia said in astonishment, "Was the old-timer forced to guard the gate here?" The elder sister in black lifted up her black dress and said, "You two look at what the old man has suffered." Rong Ge'er gazed and saw that the old concubine's two lute bones were pierced by ox tendons and wound around a double-sided chair, not knowing where to go. In addition, there were two iron hoops clasped tightly on the legs of the old black-clad frame. Jiang Yanxia glanced at the tendon and said, "Most people may not be able to break the tendon, but the elder's skill is like a God, which is no small matter." Will you also be trapped by the loss of beef tendons and iron? The elder sister in black said, "There is a kind of poisonous fire buried on the stone chair of the old man. The machine button that controls the explosion of the poisonous fire is in the hands of the manipulator. As long as he ignites the medicine line, the poisonous fire will explode in a moment. The body is bound to be killed by the poisonous fire." Brother Yung sighed and said, "That man came up with such vicious means to force people to work for him. It's really inconceivable." "Therefore," said the old woman in black, "the old man will have to listen to his orders and be at his mercy to guard the door for them." After a pause in his voice, he said, "Therefore, the old man knows that you are his enemies, including Yu Zhuoxian.". Alas! Even if the old man can untie the heavy prohibitions on his body and fight with him, he may not be his opponent. "If we learn the swordsmanship of heaven and earth," said Brother Yung, "will we be able to defeat him?" "Yes," said the old man in black, "as far as I know, this set of swordsmanship is the only one that can defeat him." "How long does it take to learn the swordsmanship of Heaven and Earth?" Asked Jiang Yanxia. "It's hard to say," said the old woman in black. "The swordsmanship depends on the variety of moves and the coordination of Yin and Yang. If you are extremely talented, you may be able to learn it in three or five days." Brother Rong and Jiang Yanxia looked at each other, their faces full of confusion and blankness. If the old man in black put forward other conditions, both of them would not hesitate to agree, but they would be married, which made both of them feel embarrassed. But the old man in black sighed softly and said,horse weight tape, "Children, now that he is entering the fixed time, you should go back earlier." 。