Ao Shi Jiu Tian

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Tang San felt as if his soul had exploded in an instant. The old and vigorous voice that had appeared many times sounded again at this moment, and was full of passionate emotions. "Poseidon Nine Tests,whirlpool hot tub, Ninth Tests, Poseidon Inheritance, Start." 。

Four people are keeping in mind Chu Yang's instructions: try to kill all the Tianmo guards! But the other side has a full number of tens of thousands, and all people without a mediocre hand, really want to kill all, it is not easy? The bodies on the ground kept turning into black smoke, but the big tent of yuan Tianliu still stood still! At this moment, the spirit of yuan Tian has arrived within a thousand feet! Moving at full speed, no one could see the return of yuan Tian. At this moment, a girl in white suddenly appeared in the sky above the big tent. She raised her hand abruptly, and then the whole person disappeared again. Somehow, the spirit of yuan Tianjie plunged down. yuan Tianjie's invisible spirit suddenly gave off a green and hazy light. With a howl of pain, he said angrily, "Who used the poison of the soul?"? I'll kill you! The poison of the soul is the most ferocious and vicious poison among all the poisons of the Nine Heavens! It has always been the taboo of poison in the Nine Heavens, and this method has been lost for millions of years! ………… Ao Shi Jiu Chong Tian Part 1 Tianwai Lou Part 8 Chapter 525 Nine Plagues, Battle of the Emperor of Heaven [6] If you want to display this poison, in addition to their own cultivation at least to reach the peak of heaven and man, but also need to use the power of their own soul as an introduction, so as to be able to display. After performing this method once, the perpetrator will not be able to perform it again within three years! The conditions for this method are so harsh that the effect is naturally amazing! Chu Leer has been desperate! Once this poison is displayed, as long as it is attached to the spirit,garden jacuzzi tub, the spirit attached to it will immediately fester and gradually dissipate into green smoke, which is absolutely difficult to dispel. However, this time the target is the Moyun Heaven Emperor yuan Tianjie, a generation of Heaven Demon King! Can play a role, the effect will be how, but even the four guards and even the poison of Chu Leer himself, can not be sure! But one thing,whirlpool hot tub, everyone can now be sure: even if this method can not kill yuan days, but at least, the role will certainly have! It's going to work! Because, the effect has begun to produce! Under the influence of the poison of the soul, the spirit of yuan Tian sent out green light, and then more steaming green smoke, all of which showed that the poison of the soul had already played its role. Under such trauma, even the Moyun Emperor of Heaven could not help convulsing! With a sharp roar, he stopped scurrying forward, and with a loud sound, the green light that lingered all over his body suddenly flourished, and then suddenly dissipated! Become invisible! The poison of the soul that shocked the world, to this kind of super strong person of Moyun Emperor of Heaven, outdoor whirlpool tub ,outdoor endless pool, the effect that play comes out, unexpectedly is only a violent roar of yuan Tian limit! As well as the dissipation of part of the soul power, the poison of the soul has completely lost its effect! And. This is still under the premise that he was already seriously injured! What would have been the result today, or even whether it would have worked, if it had not been created by the spirit before. It is difficult to determine. Chuyang and others saw this situation is not from the gasp of cold air! For the first time, I saw the true strength of the nine emperors and one queen at that level! It's so tough! And at this time, the four guards who were fighting on the ground jumped up at the same time, completely ignoring that they were being attacked by tens of thousands of enemies at the same time, removed all the defenses, and turned all their lives into a blow! Even with their favorite weapons, they are like meteors catching up with the moon. Get rid of the green light in the air! Up to now, it is only the first step in Mo Tianji's plan to slaughter demons! The spirit of yuan Tianjie is only one step away at this moment. Will be able to enter the big tent, the soul return, but at this moment the four masters work together to strike, but has been desperate to kill! But also completely locked up any space to escape! However, under the continuous attack of the Tianmo crowd as if they did not want to die. The four masters who completely abandoned their own defense trembled. The bright red blood flowed down from the body, and pieces of flesh and blood flew in the air. They all turned their lifelong cultivation into a deadly blow that destroyed their souls, resulting in a short period of time when they could not breathe back at all, which was tantamount to losing all their resistance. Let the enemy wantonly attack, let people fish! And there are so many devils on the ground, which one is not a veteran of hundreds of battles? How could you give up such a heaven-sent opportunity to annihilate the enemy? Just after one hit. All four men were almost dismembered by random knives. However, there was a loud roar in the air, which was invisible. Between no trace, a piece of awe-inspiring sword awn, a piece of terrible sword awn sprinkled at the same time, all the four masters will be guarded in the sword gas knife light. It is Gu Duxing's sword and Dong Wushang's knife. At the same time! According to the original idea of Mo Tianji, there is no protection of the sword, but at this moment to let the four guards sacrifice, if you can blow up the enemy, the effect is better, this can help everyone to concentrate on attacking the soul of yuan Tian, but, at this moment, everyone is coincidentally chose to aid the four guards. yuan Tian can be killed again! But if the four guards die here, they are dead forever! Never give up your partner! Faced with such a result, Mo Tianji can only sigh helplessly. In fact, everyone is not clear, to destroy the soul of such a master who has reached the peak level, unless it is also the soul destruction attack issued by the master who has reached the peak level of the sage, it may be effective; and Dong Wushang and Gu Duxing's current cultivation can not reach that level. Even if reluctantly attack, will not have any effect, but just a waste of power! Swords work together to guard, and the four guards finally get the leeway to breathe a sigh of relief. In a breath,endless swim pool, the new force is born again, and the whole body emits holy white light. The injuries suffered before recover quickly. The self-recovery ability of the strong at the peak level of saints may be quite exaggerated. But the yuan Tian limit in the air is not so good treatment. The four masters almost emptied their own repair for the general deadly blow, no false flowers came with a bang!.