Diary of Anne Frank

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mirjam pressler is a popular writer of books for young adults. she lives in germany. translated by susan massotty. www.xiaoshuotXt,coM FOREWORD , novel _ t _ xt heaven anne frank kept a diary from june 12, 1942, to august 1, 1944. initially, she wrote it strictly for herself. then, one day in 1944,jacuzzi manufacturers, gerrit bolkestein, a member of the dutch government in exile, announced in a radio broadcast from london that after the war he hoped to collect eyewitness accounts of the suffering of the dutch people under the german occupation,5 person hot tub, which could be made available to the public. as an example, he specifically mentioned letters and diaries. impressed by this speech, anne frank decided that when the war was over she would publish a book based on her diary. she began rewriting and editing her diary, improving on the text, omitting passages she didnt think were interesting enough and adding others from memory. at the same time, american hot tub ,jacuzzi suppliers, she kept up her original diary. in the scholarly work the diary of anne frank: the critical edition (1989), annes first, unedited diary is referred to as version a, to distinguish it from her second, edited diary, which is known as version b. the last entry in annes diary is dated august 1, 1944. on august 4, 1944, the eight people hiding in the secret annex were arrested. miep gies and bep voskuijl, the two secretaries working in the building, found annes diaries strewn allover the floor. , miep gies tucked them away in a desk drawer for safekeeping. after the war, when it became clear that anne was dead, she gave the diaries, unread, to annes father, otto frank. after long deliberation, otto frank decided to fulfill his daughters wish and publish her diary. he selected material from versions a and b,hot tub manufacturers, editing them into a shorter version later referred to as version c. readers all over the world know this as the diary of a fauna girl. in making his choice, otto frank had to bear several points in mind. to begin with, monalisa.com