Ace evolution

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Tang San felt as if his soul had exploded in an instant. The old and vigorous voice that had appeared many times sounded again at this moment, and was full of passionate emotions. "Poseidon Nine Tests,whirlpool hot tub, Ninth Tests, Poseidon Inheritance, Start." 。

However, Fang Lin felt that something was wrong. Although he was eager to return home, his observation and memory were not comparable to those of ordinary people. But as soon as they passed the trading square, they were followed by four people, and on the left heel of their shoes, there was a swastika symbol like the Nazi Empire built by Hitler! When the four men realized that Fang Lin was aware of their existence, they had surrounded him in the center from the front and back! Today, I will ask for leave for you, because there are many things in the Ten Strong Competition that I have to think about carefully. I also need to take a careful look at these things I wrote before, sum them up, and try to show you the perfect plot and plot. So there's only one chapter left today. Update as usual tomorrow. [Chapter 2 Shadowy Tracking] Because it is an absolutely safe relationship in the nightmare space, Fang Lin is not in a hurry to be surrounded. Instead, he continued to move forward steadily. According to his usual practice, he could easily pass through the gap surrounded by the four men. But these four people seem to be able to perceive Fang Lin's next move in advance, Fang Lin changed direction step by step, they also seem to be able to continue to change direction, Fang Lin trapped in the encirclement of four people! It is accidental to say once or twice, but Fang Lin has changed direction several times in a row, and these four people can still follow him step by step. It looks as if the dancers behind the stage are following the same movements of the leading dancers. The difference is that the latter has gone through dozens of repeated rehearsals, while the former is the prediction of the prophet! It is not easy to roughly predict the subtle actions of an ordinary person, because life is always full of variables. What's more, it is necessary to predict the actions of Fang Lin,jacuzzi bath spa, the most mysterious fool among the ten strong people, or in the case of Fang Lin's preparation! Fang Lin, slightly surprised, raised his eyes and looked at the four men as if nothing had happened, but his heart was full of doubts: How did these guys show up? How can they track me? How can they predict my actions? He continued to move forward in silence, but the black dazzling light in the middle of his eyebrows had flashed out, and in an instant it was as if the sun was shining all around him for tens of meters. The only difference was that the sun was shining brightly, but Fanglin was releasing thick darkness! In the midst of the invisible darkness, the eyes of the four men darkened. Almost blind with their eyes open, but without the cover of the light around them, Fanglin immediately noticed that there were four clear rays of light radiating from their brains and connecting to their heads! This can no longer be attributed to the conventional category of mental locking, but based on some other mysterious and vast power! After a flash of darkness, Chinese spa manufacturer ,whirlpool bathtub, it was recycled into Fanglin's body like a whale sucking water. The four men saw a flower in front of their eyes, and already found that Fang Lin had escaped from their joint encirclement and walked slowly toward the distance. The four men looked at each other with a look of horror in their eyes, because they could not imagine that they could escape from the lock of the four of them-you know, they were burning their lives and even their faith to lock on to Fang Lin! But the fact is clearly placed in front of them, Fang Lin is indeed calm and indifferent to walk forward. But these four mysterious people have completely captured his whereabouts, in front of them Fanglin is like an illusory shadow, like the flowers in the mirror, the moon in the water. If you reach for the mirror to catch water. Is an act of utter futility! The four mysterious men looked at each other and suddenly stretched out their arms to hold each other, forming a large ring. It can be clearly seen that there is energy in their hands holding each other, and then gathered in the body of one of them! And the remaining three people fell down silently at the same time, lost their lives! Nightmare space is indeed an absolutely safe area, but it does not prevent reincarnation from harming itself. After the four mysterious people gathered together, they United into a circle to bring life energy together. Completely into a person's body. It is equivalent to three people jointly committing suicide, which is equivalent to giving up their own life energy, memory and so on, so they can not recover at all. And the mysterious man who inherited the life energy of the three companions did not see any change, and even his body became thinner and shorter. But he closed his eyes silently and strode forward. The direction of the man's journey was the direction of Fanglin's departure, and what was even more mysterious was that every step he took, he stepped on the footprints of Fanglin as he had walked, and it seemed that he was completely copying Fanglin's movements. Fang Lin slowly stepped up the stairs, only to feel the pressure on his body loosened, and immediately crossed the nightmare barrier. Back to the real world. The sun was shining outside, and he ascended the stairs of the fifth teaching building. The whole person has been restored to the appearance of a student, full of a bit of leisurely cynicism, looks like other mixed diploma students. It was the end of the class, and the five religions had just finished the elective course of physique today. A large group of beautiful women came down with fragrance, and naturally there were quite a few escorts beside them. Of course, no one noticed this ordinary, slightly arched back, silent, quiet boy with long hair. In fact, Fang Lin had always been as ordinary and simple as the clothes he wore. But at that moment, several pairs of men and women opposite Fanglin suddenly felt a flower in front of them, as if there was a very strange black light shining, but the time of the black light shining was very short, only a few seconds. So much so that everyone thought they were dazzled, and if anything else happened,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, it was the ordinary boy who had been walking indifferently opposite, who suddenly pressed his hand in front of his forehead and sped up. What is this man doing? "It looks so silly." "He seems to be a dog." "Come on, don't steal Sing Yeh's lines." 。