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The sorcerer of bitter water county did not leave basically, still came back more than 10 big sorcerer, they are waiting for you to come back. 。

Rex was not impatient, and she was relieved that her brother was still alive, even though there was no affection between them. But my uncle had two sons, and when his father was there, he was very obedient. Once his father died, he might not have any thoughts. They also have the right to inherit the throne, as long as Sephiroth removes his brother. Sephiroth made them kings of the county and drove them out of the imperial capital. Rex was a little surprised by the wizard's words. The two cousins had no position or even fief before that. This direct promotion to county king seems to be a sudden gain of great power, in fact, unless the other members of the royal family die, the two brothers will never have the opportunity to become emperors. Is the uncle really willing to assist his brother? "How is the situation in Garoulan?" Rex didn't ask deeply. What she was eager to know was the development of the war. She had been away for a year and her father had been dead for half a year. I'm afraid the Garuda had already fallen apart. Grace, your majesty is trapped by the enemy. Light soldiers advance. The Royal Swordsman Battalion lost more than half, and the elite of the imperial capital did not collapse. More than eighty thousand troops were withdrawn into the Titan Principality, Yunliu promised to send troops, most of the other noble troops were withdrawn from the front line, and half of the land of Garuda was in the hands of Qin Yin. "Trap.." The Vatican must have used a lot of manpower. Teacher, what was the situation at that time? Rex's face was full of anger. She did not believe that her father would die in battle. Unless there is a mole around, or the Vatican in this concentration of a large number of strong,Alumina Ceramic C795, at all costs to kill the emperor of Qin Yin. If there is a mole, she doesn't mind using the power of the Ring of Shinra to eradicate it, even if that person has hidden in the Tangulas Empire. It was the Pope himself, along with 12 cardinals. The Holy Knights are out in full force, along with the four heads of the tribunal. There are no traitors around Your Majesty, and the Pope has used the artifact. Artifact! Sarin's eyelids beat violently. Emperor Qin may have equipment comparable to artifacts,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but there are too many people on the other side. Emperor Qin only brought twenty thousand soldiers from the swordsman camp, and the number of magicians around him was limited. Being outnumbered, if you have no intention, even a strong man will fall. What about the results? "All the cardinals were killed, two of the four kings of the court were killed, the Pope was seriously wounded, and the Holy Knights lost forty thousand men." The words of the wizard make you feel frightened. The cardinals are at least as strong as the seven-level magicians, some of them even have the strength of the nine-level magicians. If the pope dies, the next pope will be elected from the cardinals. Twelve cardinals were all killed in battle, and the Vatican could be said to have spared no expense in order to kill Emperor Qin Yin. The organization of the Holy Knights is sixty thousand people, with a loss of forty thousand, of which at least twenty thousand are killed in battle, Ceramic Band Heater ,7g Ozone Generator, and most of the others will be disabled, basically unable to go to the battlefield again. Salin knew that Emperor Qin Yin was very strong, but he did not expect to be so strong. Had it not been for the Pope's artifact, I'm afraid Emperor Qin Yin would have been able to clear the obstacles between Qin Yin and the Tangulas Empire. Kill well, does the Alchemy City have no reaction? Rex was discontented. Didn't the magicians of Alchemy feel ashamed when their father died in battle? "They didn't declare war, but I got the news that more than a dozen magicians had left the Alchemy City and sneaked into the Tangulas Empire, as if they were going to do something big." Hum Rex snorted heavily, the movement of the Alchemy City is still too small, more than a dozen magic guides enough to completely destroy a city, but can not shake the city of glory. The Pope is injured, but the Pope General is here. This man also has an artifact in his hand that can be used, and the wizard of the Alchemy City only dares to make trouble in the Tangulas Empire. So what if you kill the emperor of the Tanglus Empire? That guy is a puppet. Why didn't Sephiroth use the transport array in the palace to pick me up? Rex finally could not bear it, and when his father died, the whole empire seemed to lose its cohesion. The noble army retreated, and my father's Royal Swordsman Battalion did not return, still in the Principality of Titan. All this must have something to do with the prince's attitude. Father's death in battle was certainly a major setback, but the loss of the Holy See was even greater. Twelve cardinals died, and at least half a year could not be replenished. If we attack at this time, it is not impossible to send the army to the land of the Tangulas Empire. Now not only has it not entered the Principality of Divine Grace, but it has lost half of its strength. The noble troops refused to withdraw to Qin Yin, probably because they wanted to carve up the land of Garoulan. This is Qin Yin's shame! "Lace, in order to build this transport array, the warehouse of Kushui County is empty.". Sephiroth is creating war puppets to counterattack the Tanglus Empire, and no one is allowed to use a penny of the treasury. Besides, even I don't know if you're alive today, he. "He is nothing but a hypocrite. If he succeeds, my brother's contribution will not be recorded in history, but his name will be written.". Teacher, I can understand, but I can't accept it. What are you going to do? War with Sephiroth? Seeing that the persuasion was ineffective, the wizard poured cold water directly to wake Rex. Rex is legally independent, but it is still a vassal state of Qin Yin. Not to mention the gap in strength, even if Rex has the power to attack Holy Rock City, any of Qin Yin's nobles will not support her. What am I supposed to do? Sephiroth thinks I'm dead, so he can spare the treasury. Now that I'm alive, I have to bring what should be given to me. Rex gritted his teeth and said. It's natural. If you go back to Kushui County, send an envoy to Holy Rock City. I'll go there myself. "Teacher!" "Don't worry, the prince will not harm me." The wizard waved his hand and stopped Rex. What about Bitter Water County? Rex knew that he could not dissuade the teacher, and that the teacher had Joey to rely on in the imperial capital,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, so there was really no danger. The sorcerer of bitter water county did not leave basically, still came back more than 10 big sorcerer, they are waiting for you to come back. 。