70 Obstetrics and Gynecology Holy Hand

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She gritted her teeth and flatly said to the referee: "The opponent has not admitted defeat yet. The game should continue!

However, when the contractions are violent, the cervix is fully open, and the fetal head is floating high, the most annoying thing is that the amniotic membrane is suddenly broken, and the umbilical cord flows down with the amniotic fluid. If it is not handled quickly at this time, the fetus will be in distress and even die. Yu Qiu roared, "Bring me the forceps!" I can't wait now. It's all here. It's better to go straight to the forceps and bring the little guy down. The midwife immediately opened the forceps pack. Han Chaoying touched the position of the fetus, and then did a side cut on the pliers, which can be regarded as the little guy to pull down. In such a short time, the little thing came down and was blue all over, rubbing his back and clapping his feet, and then he made a loud cry. Everyone's hanging heart finally fell, Qi Qi sighed. However, this was like an ominous sign, and the big belly behind it began to be restless one after another. Fetal heart rate suddenly fell into a mess, after giving birth to a child,metal trim manufacturers, uterine contraction was weak and blood flowed constantly, prenatal examination did not find hypertension, and as a result, half of the birth suddenly convulsed; anyway, there was no time to stop. To the horizon shows fish belly white, the whole night team of doctors,stainless steel edge trim, nurses and interns all silently cast their eyes on Yu Qiu's face. No one made a sound, but the meaning was clear. Yu Qiu might as well not go back to the hospital to support her. She was calm before she came, but after she came. For the sake of the physical and mental health of the broad masses of the people and medical workers, she should not go to the hospital for nothing. Yu Qiu rolled two dead fish eyes, her heart is also very collapsed ah. Why is it that in the hospital she built, her night shift is equally unbearable. Han Chaoying actively brought the malted milk and kept blowing rainbow farts: "Sister Xiaoqiu, thanks to you.". I was scared to death just now. In theory, Professor Yu is the second-line class tonight, but they are embarrassed to disturb Professor Yu unless they have to. Because we all know that Professor Yu's hand is really destroyed. No one wants to rub salt in the old man's wounds and stimulate him repeatedly. Yu Qiu took a sip of malted milk and praised Han Chaoying: "You have made great progress, and these forceps are all good.". I think you have found the feeling, and you will continue to exercise more, so you don't have to be afraid of pulling forceps in the future. Embarrassed, china tile trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, Han Chaoying said, "You taught me well, Sister Xiaoqiu. You said last time that looking at my hair inspired me a lot." Yu Qiu was so frightened that his whole body was excited and his eyes were wide open. "Did I say look at the hair?" "Yes." Han Chaoying nodded, "last time you told me, the direction of the hair spin should not be like that.". I think what you said is very reasonable, and I have observed it carefully. You can really judge the position of the head according to the hair. Yu Qiu is going crazy. What's the difference between the hair when the baby is born? Han Chaoying deserves to be her master, the future big brother of obstetrics, who simply brings his own bug. This can actually let her see the door. Han Chaoying saw that she looked strange and thought she was tired. He quickly beckoned her to go to bed: "It's all right now. You can at least take a nap." As soon as her voice fell, there were noisy footsteps outside: "Doctor, help me, doctor, my wife is dying." Yu Qiu sadly patted Han Chaoying on the back and gnashed his teeth to emphasize: "How did I tell you?"? You can never say nothing when you're on duty. Otherwise, it must be a lot of things. Yu Qiu was so busy that the sun climbed so high that the hospital canteen finished its breakfast work before he came down hungrily from the operating table. God knows why ectopic pregnancy, corpus luteum rupture and ovarian torsion can be linked. Under three knives, she felt that her whole life would not be better. She staggered in the sun and went home to find Grandma Hu. Even if there is no breakfast to eat, according to Grandma's habit, there must be noodles at home. She boiled water and gave herself a bowl of egg noodles to make do with her stomach. It's better to have mushroom sauce at home, which is the most delicious to eat with noodles. It would be even better if the remaining pickled cabbage was fried dry, and the noodles were simply excellent. As soon as she walked out of the hospital and turned on her way home, she heard Li Hongbing bragging to Hu Yang on the side of the road: "Brother Yang, you have to praise me.". You have to talk about the hospital. Only when you mention the hospital can Dr. Xiaoqiu cooperate. ” Hu Yang is beside strange, admire his dog courage Bao Tian very much: "What if that hospital is all right?"? Yu Qiu can twist your head later. "Oh, how could it be!" Li Hongbing waved his hand carelessly and said without hesitation, "You don't know Doctor Xiaoqiu. As long as she touches the hospital, there is no time for her to rest. She must have been busy all night without blinking an eye. Yu Qiu gnashed his teeth and smiled: "Thank you, Li Hongbing." Poor Xiao Li didn't expect to be caught in the act. He quickly hid behind Hu Yang and winked at her: "Hello, Doctor Xiaoqiu." Then he kept reminding Populus euphratica, hurry up, Big Brother, Younger Martial Brother, but he solved the big problem. Unexpectedly, Hu Yang betrayed Li Hongbing without hesitation and refused to admit his merits: "You are busy in vain. The second young lady didn't live in our cave." Yu Qiuhao wants to roll his eyes, this two young ladies are too fastidious. At least she had to pretend. Once she left, she didn't want to live in a cave. How does this make others think. Populus euphratica has a strange expression: "She wants to live in the mountains, in the caves on the mountains." Yu Qiuxian hasn't reacted yet. When Hu Yang stared at her, she suddenly realized that Ma Dan was self-sentimental again. People say that living in a cave from beginning to end refers to the cave where the old man once lived, not the doghouse where she lived with Tian Yu. Yu Qiu blinked and felt even more incredulous: "So you let her live?" Are you kidding me? Although the bed in the cave has not been removed, there is a special person to take care of it every day. But this is not a guest room. This can be considered a relic. That broken cave will definitely become a red education base in the future, and nearby primary and secondary school students as well as government organs,stainless steel tile trim, enterprises, and institutions must come to pay their respects whenever they have activities. The second young lady wanted to live, so they let her live? Deputy Secretary Liao's political stance is a guy with a bad brain. jecatrims.com