Sin City _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Your younger brother called me Big Brother," said Dongfang Liang with a smile. Blue water spirit: "Bah", say: "Do you want me to also call you to do eldest brother?

He died in battle in Hewland, and the future of Richard's so-called Holy Constructor Division will end here. There has never been a holy constructor in human history. No matter how brilliant Richard is, what people remember about him is that he has only made such works as killing his life. Strictly speaking, even the death of life is not a true fourth-order construct. Death is the end of all glory. Richard faced death calmly and made final preparations. It's a dying struggle, but it's cold and efficient, not the random struggle that most people have. But at the last moment, a fiery figure suddenly burst into Richard's field of vision, brutally blocking the rush of death light! "Lina!"! What are you doing Richard snapped, but there was no sound in his mouth. It was not that Richard did not cry out, but that his voice was too small to be distinguished from the roar of the thunderous magic surge. The Dragon Mage appeared so suddenly that Richard was caught off guard and had no time to move his position, driving the light of death away. Lina had her back to Richard, and the others were on the ground, so she could not see her expression at this moment. But the great power of the magic surging in her body is enough to touch everyone's heart. The Dragon Mage actually brought the magic to the extreme in an instant! The milky white beam of light quietly drowned Lina and Richard, and then moved on. However, at this moment, the middle of the light column suddenly bulged, instantly turned into a ball of light with a diameter of 100 meters, and then silently exploded, a piece of milky white light, such as delicate porcelain fragments,Sex Enhancement Powder, fell one after another. The pillar of death disappeared quietly, and the light falling like broken porcelain was annihilated in the air, as if it had never existed. The figures of the Dragon Master and Richard reappeared, and they were still in the same posture as they had just been in for a moment. The Dragon Mage leaned back slightly, his arms outstretched, and his whole body blocked the beam of death. Richard, on the other hand,S Adenosyl Methionine, leaned forward and reached for Lina. But by less than a meter, he failed to catch Lina. In the eyes of a strong man of Richard's level, the distance of one meter can be reached in an instant, as long as he can catch Lina and drag her behind him in less than a blink of an eye. However, just one meter short, Richard failed to catch Lina, and could only watch her surge and burst all her magic in front of him, offsetting most of the power of the death beam with burning life. There was a long and sad dragon song in the sky. The red dragon Carlo fluttered his wings and wanted to get close to Lina, but he dared not. But its long chant still broke the silence of the world, Lina's arms hung down feebly, and suddenly more than a dozen thin columns of blood spurted out of her back, falling helplessly to the ground. Richard's eyes, which were still open, were also glowing, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Kava Root Extract, and he lowered his head and fell to the ground. His chest and back also began to fill with blood. Only then did the followers wake up from a dream. Some of them moved, and some of them cried out. I don't know when the bondage of time on quicksand has disappeared, but she is still frozen in the air, has bitten her lower lip, but she still doesn't know. Carlo circled and dived, pulled up again, and gently connected Lina to his back. Richard had followers who added slow-fall magic to him, and Semir flew to him at full speed and caught him. Nai You looked up and shouted, "Send them here!"! Hurry up Carlo, the Red Dragon, immediately woke up and swooped down to the ground. When it comes to healing, there is no one more trustworthy than Nai You, who is good at resurrection. Even if Lina is really dead, Nai You can revive her! As soon as Carlo landed, Asiris stepped on its back, bent over and picked up Lina, and several flashes appeared in front of Nai You. Nai You quickly checked the wound of the Dragon Master. There were more than a dozen punctured wounds on her body. It seemed that the magic surge had scattered most of the power of the death light pillar, but the light pillars that escaped the net were enough to pierce her body. It was reassuring that Lina was still breathing and her face was ruddy. Although the piercing wound looks rather terrible, it should be able to heal even the most terrible wound under the hands of Nai You who can be resurrected. But Lina's heart has been completely destroyed, so although her body is still alive, she can only use resurrection. Richard also had a large number of penetrating wounds, including the beam that pierced the heart of the Dragon Mage, which also pierced all of Richard's defenses and hit him in the heart. Nai You reached out and pulled open Richard's clothes, ready to examine the injuries on his body, especially the fatal wound in his heart. If Richard's heart is also completely destroyed, it will make her really embarrassed, after all, resurrection can only be used once a day. How are they? Suddenly there was a sound of quicksand behind Nai You. The man of God also lost his usual calmness and could not help asking questions. Nai You instantly thought of the relationship between quicksand and Richard, his hand trembled slightly, and then said in an indifferent and cold voice, "I need to check it first." With these words, she slowly pulled open Richard's corset. The followers around them held their breath at the same time. For them, it was a moment of fate. Once upon a time, Richard outlined an unparalleled prospect for them, and gradually began to show all the qualities of a qualified leader. Richard in the leadership of the battle, in the construction has an incredible talent, and in terms of personal strength to catch up, although he is not a big magic teacher, but everyone knows that Richard is suppressing their own strength, in order to hone themselves. As long as such people do not die, they will eventually be quite famous and strong. And the key point is that Richard is still very young, which means a broader future and more room for improvement. In Richard's hands, Archimonde's strength is soaring like a rocket, and the word "outbreak" is not even enough to describe the speed of Richard's wealth creation. In the present, all Archimonde and his followers are full of confidence in the future. Like Semir,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, how could she change her family just for a piece of armor? The real reason was that she had confidence in Richard. Everything was as beautiful as spring, but I didn't expect that it would come to the edge of winter in just a moment. If Richard dies, all the good things will disappear.