The cruel president loves his wife

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He could not forget his mother's dying eyes, nor could he forget Anyu's sad expression,

He could not forget his mother's dying eyes, nor could he forget Anyu's sad expression, all because of Ling Yaohong, his biological father. /// the fastest novel search network// Shaotang, don't you think you're ridiculous? Even if you hate Dad again, you can't doubt that this child is. Qi Xin could not go on, she could hardly imagine Ling Shaotang would look at their children like this. Do you really want to wait for you to give birth to this bastard and take it for personal identification? Ling Shaotang roared rudely, and he could not help suspecting that he could not trust his father at all. Qi Xin gradually despaired, she felt that the resentment emanating from Ling Shaotang was so strong. Shaotang, I beg you, let this child go, if you really can't tolerate this child, then I can go now, please, don't be so cruel! Qi Xin watched Ling Shaotang get closer and closer to herself, and she felt that the cruelty in his eyes was becoming more and more obvious. Qi Xin knew that Ling Shaotang hated this marriage, of course,Pietra Gray Marble, she could not tolerate herself and the child, even if the child was really Ling Shaotang's, in that case, she no longer expected to take a little love from the marriage, but hoped that Ling Shao Tang could let go of the child and let her bring him up alone. You want to go? Ling Shaotang was slightly stunned, he did not expect Qi Xin to have the heart to leave himself for this child. Thinking of this, Ling Shaotang was even more annoyed. He threw her away and sneered,Stone Honeycomb Panel, "Humph!"! You can go, and you don't have to abort the baby. When Qi Xin heard Ling Shaotang say this, like grasping the life-saving grass, she asked happily, "Are you-are you telling the truth?"? You're not forcing me to abort the baby anymore? Ling Shaotang had a burst of indifference in his eyes. He held up Qi Xin's chin with his hand and looked at the soft face. He bent over and kissed Qi Xin's attractive red lips. After tasting her sweetness, the corners of his mouth raised a cruel radian: "If you have the heart to see the Qi Group that your father worked so hard to build go bankrupt in an instant, then you can keep this child!" Ling Shaotang's understatement made Qi Xin's inner strength collapse in an instant. She didn't expect Ling Shaotang to threaten herself with Qi's group. Ling Shaotang looked at Qi Xin, snorted coldly, and sat on the sofa, "Don't forget, the purpose of your father's business marriage is for the development of Qi's group!" Qi Xin looked at the man in front of him, recalling half a year's marriage life, Agate Slabs For Sale ,White Marble Slabs, and finally understood that love had never cared for him at all. Big Literature Novel Reading Network Chapter 1: Remembering Verse 14: Please Say'i Love You 'Once (Novel Reading Network (Great Literature The luxurious Qingyun Garden seems to be covered with a sad atmosphere, although the soft wind is wrapped in the fragrance of flowers, but Qixin still feels suffocating pain. Her forlorn face was set off coldly by the smooth black marble floor. " Overspeed First Issue"// the Fastest Novel Search Network//www. neiyu. com "Young Master, Dr. Dell is here!" When Feng Ma saw Qi Xin sitting in the living room, she showed a worried look. Behind Feng Ma is the Ling family's personal doctor, Dell. He looked at Ling Shaotang sitting on the sofa, and then looked at Qi Xin, this is not Ling Shaotang's wife? Shaotang, you- "he asked with some puzzlement." Feng Ma, take the young lady to the infirmary. Dell, give her an abortion! Ling Shaotang coldly ordered! "Shaotang-please, don't-" Qi Xin frightened, come forward to hold Ling Shaotang's sleeve tightly, she is not willing to lose the child like this. /// the fastest novel search network// "Feng Ma, what are you still doing there?"? Get her to the infirmary! Ling Shaotang shouted impatiently at Feng Ma. "Young master-" Feng Ma stood there in embarrassment, looking at Qi Xin crying, she felt a burst of sadness. Ling Shaotang suddenly stood up, his hands tightly around Qi Xin's body, picked her up, and walked toward the medical room in the villa. Dr. Dell shook his head and followed helplessly. Shaotang, don't, don't treat your children so cruelly! Qi Xin's tears wet Ling Shaotang's shirt. /// the fastest novel search network// Ling Shaotang looked down at Qi Xin in his bosom. The beautiful eyes in the tearful mist were full of pleading and despair. He immediately raised his head and strode forward. He was afraid that he would be soft-hearted and lost in the beautiful eyes in his bosom. Every step Ling Shaotang took, Qi Xin's despair increased, and she gradually gave up struggling and pleading. She felt the strength of her body gradually disappear, and her soul pulled away from her body. Qi Xin was powerless to put his head slowly against Ling Shaotang's chest, which was so safe and warm that his heartbeat could be clearly heard between his eardrums, so steady and powerful, but all of this did not belong to him. Baby, mother is useless, can not protect you, next life, I will not let people hurt you. When Ling Shaotang laid her flat on the bed in the medical room, her face seemed pale and transparent. He bent over and looked at Qi Xin, but felt a burst of heartache for no reason. Ling Shaotang turned his face away. He got up and was about to leave, but his sleeve was suddenly pulled by Qi Xin. Shaotang, are you really so cruel? Qi Xin lay on the bed and looked at him steadily, with no tears in her eyes, like a dry wooden boat, lifeless. Ling Shaotang frowned and took a cold look in his eyes: "Do you want to destroy your father's efforts?" Qi Xin looked straight at Ling Shaotang, as if to see what to wear at a glance,Grey Marble Slab, the original love is deep, hurt also hard. She smiled sadly and beautifully: "Shaotang, can you say'i love you 'to me?"? Even if it's just lying to me! 。