Future military doctor

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Updated February 2, 2010 18:43:47 Words in this Chapter: 4376 When Wu Xiangdong called King Wu on his way back, King Wu thought of a man. At this time, he said with a smile, 'Chen Changzhi. I didn't think it was really you. I haven't seen you for a few years. When I saw you, you were working hard to start a business. Now you have lost all your billions of yuan, which is something that very people can do, and even I admire it in my heart. The hall is very big, Wu Wang also specially controls the voice to speak, each word has the echo. Chen Lao listened but did not immediately answer, because from the place where they came in, there was a distance of more than 100 meters from the King of Wu sitting above. With his present strength. Unless you shout. Otherwise the voice is very low, although Chen Lao's body also has the peak level of five-level constitution, but what he practices is not nine-level constitution, before using Zhenyuan to control the voice, prancing small battle … This skill will be lost after he loses Zhenyuan. Although his physical strength is still the peak of the five-level constitution, he can't do this simply with his body. Many means are difficult to use. It was not until he came near that Chen Lao said slowly, "I said in those years that you had a bright future as a pirate.". As for me, I make money just to spend it,uns s32760 plate, and it's also a very happy thing to spend all my money in my lifetime. If only Chen Han came by himself, he would either have a showdown with King Wu directly, or he would come down directly. But Chen Lao stood by the sun and said to King Wu. It was a rare move for King Wu to stand up. How could King Wu not hear the meaning of Chen's old saying? He sat down directly with a gesture of invitation: "Chen Changzhi, you are good. There are not many people I admire.". You're one, aren't you. Sit. If you say I'm a good pirate, that means I'm wrong to come back. I understand correctly. As for you saying that money is a happy thing to spend, I agree. But I'm afraid you're not dead, but you have no money and no power. That's not happy. Old Chen sat in the first place,a333 grade 6 pipe, but Mai Hui and Chen Han stood on both sides and did not sit down. Old Chen nodded directly: "That's what it means. People say that twenty years is a change. In a flash, your Wu family has been away for nearly sixty years.". What's the point of coming back. But after all, this is your own business, and I am just a bystander. I came here today just to accompany my grandson, who is the Lord. Chen Han. Tell it to King Wu and let him have a look. The ability of descendants is far more important than leaving money. Chen Han thought Grandpa was interested in talking to King Wu, but he was happy. After talking with Grandpa on the plane for several hours, Chen Han knew that Grandpa was powerful, but after hearing Grandpa say so, Chen Han looked at King Wu: "King Wu, when you threatened Nalut Island, you and I made an agreement.". I will heal the sword wound of your body. Now I am here to talk to you about this matter. No matter what enmity you have with me before, I am very clear about it. A promise is a promise. I will heal you. Hearing what Chen Han said, King Wu was really surprised. Even Wu Xiangdong, x52 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, who was standing at the head of King Wu, looked at Chen Han in surprise. At this point, Chen Han can still keep his original promise. Ha-ha "Well," said King Wu with a laugh, "he is indeed a grandpa hero and a grandson hero. Chen Changzhi, you have a good grandson. Don't you dare come to cure me now? Aren't you afraid that after I recover from my injury, I will calculate with you the affairs of Wu Dingbang, Wu Xiangdao, Wu Guan and many disciples of the Wu family? Since falling out with Song Ziwen, the Wu family as a whole has changed a lot, and those who stay in the country are all elites with fighting power. Moreover, there is a way out and it may be withdrawn at any time. In fact, there is no need for Chen Lao to say. When King Wu himself was sitting here quietly, he was also thinking. Is the return of the Wu family worth it? If you don't come back, Wu Jia can carry out a comprehensive attack on the dragon family, or even one by one to kill the people of the dragon family, will be thoroughly avenged, but now the loss of so much, and make such a mess of the situation, but he is now a bit difficult to dismount. Although there is no movement at the moment. But in the words of King Wu, there was a very dignified intention to kill. "Wu Dingbang, Wu Xiangdao and Wu Guan, as well as one of the disciples of the Wu family, are indeed what I did. I don't need to say the reason. It's all self-inflicted. As for Wu Dingguo.." Ji Han dares to do it, but he won't take on more things that he doesn't do at will: "It should be the strong man hidden in your martial arts family in the later period of today.". What, someone killed him and he couldn't find the Lord? Read the latest wing section, please go to Pi Pi Z Yue such as roar C reward to listen to King Wu mentioned Wuding country, Chen Han heart is also a move, Wuding country had an accident? He really did not know about this matter, which had the meaning of provoking King Wu. There is also a sense of temptation. There must be something else going on here. Although with the relationship between him and the Wu family. It doesn't matter whether he kills one more or one less, but when he feels that there is something he doesn't know, he naturally wants to find out. King Wu looked at Chen Han coldly and said, 'Well, you are still so arrogant. I have been enduring you for various reasons before. But since you're here today, you don't have to go. Wu Xiangdong was stunned when he heard this, but he didn't expect Grandpa to suddenly say something like this. He looked fiercely at King Wu's face. But not like a bluff, obviously to be serious, Wu Xiangdong thought Grandpa let himself personally pick up Chen Han. I'll still put up with him like before. Unexpectedly, "…" Kill Chen Han, is not the time, after all, Wu now do not want to withdraw directly from the country, but today King Wu has decided. At least Chen Han's skill should be abolished. Even if no longer with Song Ziwen. King Wu has now decided that he will completely follow the path of Jianghu people. Things happened in Jianghu. "King Wu thought to himself and got up slowly." You fought with the Wu family. They were killed and abolished because they were not as good as others. Now that you are here today. If you don't have enough strength, you won't be able to leave my palace easily. I heard King Wu say so. Wu Xiangdong felt the blood of his body boiling. He had waited too long for this moment. In fact,316ti stainless steel, the Wu family had felt extremely depressed since they defeated Long Jialu. In the past, they were pirates, the eldest and the second. They refused to obey the law and did whatever they wanted. lksteelpipe.com