The first person through the ages

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As soon as Kong Xuan finished speaking, he heard a baby's cry coming from inside,

As soon as Kong Xuan finished speaking, he heard a baby's cry coming from inside, which was pleasant and bright. Zhen yuanzi, Lu Ya, Liu Er and others congratulated Kong Xuan with a relaxed look on their faces, knowing that they had been standing with them for a year. Kong Xuan was in a hurry to rush inside, but was immediately pushed out by Nu Wa, who was standing at the door. After a while, Nu Wa got out of the way and said, "Xuan Nu didn't wear any clothes just now. What's the hurry?" Can you not hurry? When Kong Xuan waited for Nu Wa to let him in, he trembled a little. He rubbed his hands hard on his body and rubbed them a few times before he walked in slowly. The gentle pace seemed to have frightened Xuan Nu and the child carelessly. Has been walking to the inner room, only to see a face of loving and amiable face on the face of Xuannu, is looking at the baby in his arms Kong Xuan step across the whole space came to Xuannu side want to hug Xuannu waist, but afraid to meet the sleeping child, for a time did not know what to do. "This is my father," a milky voice came to Kong Xuan's ears. Looking at it, the child in Xuannu's arms did not know when he had opened his eyes, but also looked at himself with a disdainful face. A baby looked at himself disdainfully,Inflatable outdoor park, the baby is his own child, listening to the voice should be a boy. "Can our children speak?" Kong Xuan looked at his son with his eyes open and disdained with an incredible look on his face and exclaimed. "What's so strange about that?" Xuan Nu said. "Of course my son is the cleverest. It's not strange that he can speak at birth." Kong Xuan also reacted to come over, his previous life or a peacock, after the accident also has a mind, think of here originally surprised mood slowly put down, but the child looked at himself with a disdainful face, what is the reason? "Is it a son?" Xiaoyaozi came in and asked. Kong Xuan turned around and said,Jumping castle with slide, "Master, please help me to see if this child is too clever." "Well?" "Look at this child's expression, ah, a face of disdain, as if how powerful he is," Kong Xuan said with a wry smile. Holding the baby in her arms, Xuannu asked Xiaoyaozi to hand it to him. Xiaoyaozi took it over. Xuannu said, "It's the same as you, but my son is much better than you." Kong Xuan listened to Xuan Nu's words, speechless, but he did not want to refute, because the woman in front of him is his favorite woman, reluctant to say a word. "Dad is really good." Xiaoyaozi said cautiously, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,large inflatable water slide, "This child, you are not allowed to talk to adults like this, do you know?" The baby pouted and said, "Who are you?"? Isn't that what my mom says about my dad all the time? Xiaoyaozi was speechless directly after hearing this. Kong Xuan finally played up his father's color this time and taught him a lesson: "Don't be rude. This is your master, your mother and my master." When the baby heard Kong Xuan's lesson, not only did he not show a sad look, but his eyes were somewhat pondering: "Shizu is my mother's master. Then you are the eldest in the flood and famine that my mother often said. I will be with you in the future." Xiaoyaozi looked at the newborn baby and was completely speechless. This was not a newborn baby. Even ordinary students in the third or fourth grade of primary school could not compare with him. He took out the gift he had prepared and put it on the forehead of the baby in his arms. But after a while, the child fell asleep. "Master, what are you going to do?" Asked Kong Xuan. Xiaoyaozi smiled. "Didn't I tell you?"? This child was born with a congenital treasure. Just now, it was just because he had just been born and had not yet released the congenital treasure. It was estimated that the child would wake up and run all over the ground to play. Why didn't he turn my mirage upside down with the congenital treasure? When Kong Xuan heard that his son would be so naughty, he didn't hesitate to smile. Instead, Xuan Nu opened her mouth and exulted, "Master, what magic weapon did you give this child?" Looking at Xuannu, who still did not change her true colors, Xiaoyaozi laughed and scolded without a good voice: "It's not a magic weapon. It's just a gadget that traps his magic power." Xuannu muttered, "Master, this is your disciple. Why don't you give me a better magic weapon?" "Wrong. This is the second one. Lu Yishou's little white dragon is one. Have you forgotten?" Xuannu wanted to say something again, but Xiaoyaozi had already gone out, so she had to whisper to the stingy master that it was over. Baidu Search and Read the Most Complete Novels/// (This article is reproduced by Zero Long Literature Network) Elements and Faith Chapter 9 The Great Catastrophe is Coming (This article is reprinted by Lingjiu Literature Network [Lingjiu Literature Network] full moon, this is every baby to pass, in the full moon, the baby will go out in the mother's arms, and be blessed by relatives. But in the mirage where the banquet has just begun, the protagonist of the full moon can't be found. Fortunately, there are three saints, Xiaoyaozi, Lu Ya, Chiyou and many quasi-saints. It's easy to find a seven or eight-year-old child whose strength has been sealed in this mirage. Kong Xuan's child now has a name, so Kong Xiaokong was only born a month ago, but under the spoiling of Xuan Nu and the tolerance of everyone, he has already made a big mistake. Unexpectedly, the earth-shaking seal of the land pressure was thrown away. Fortunately, the earth-shaking seal had been refined by the land pressure, and the six ears, who were gifted at finding things, were finally found three days later. Xiaokong did not know where to go now, so we had to start our own mind to search around. When we were looking for it fruitlessly, Taishang Laojun flew to the mirage with Xiaokong in his arms. Xiaoyaozi gave Kong to Xuannu and Kong Xuan to take care of him. He and Taishang Laojun walked back. Taishang Laojun opened his mouth and said, "It's gratifying to have Linzi in your family." Xiaoyaozi said with a smile, "This naughty egg has only been born for a month and it doesn't look like a mirage at all. I was just about to move, and Laojun,inflatable bounce house with slide, you came." With a faint smile, Taishang Laojun took out a magic weapon and said, "I came here to give this magic weapon to Brother Xiaoyao. I wonder if Brother Xiaoyao will accept it."