A swindler

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Tsao Hsiu-erh, because Zou had just given a euphemistic order to leave,

Tsao Hsiu-erh, because Zou had just given a euphemistic order to leave, gave a deliberate cry in her mouth. She looked at Zou in surprise. She didn't make a sound in her mouth, but her eyes were asking, Why is there no seniority or inferiority in your family? It's your leg! Zou answered her with his eyes. Mother, do you still care about your aunt? She tore my clothes! Hui-niang shouted with chagrin. Aunt Heng scolded, "You have no vision. Niang is talking to someone. What are you shouting about?" Cao Xiuer bit her lip and couldn't help laughing. Heng Gu, don't be so big and small! Resentfully, Zou held the veil and wiped the itchy corners of his eyes. "Where are the red beans?" He asked. Hui-niang said, "She's in high spirits. Now she's gone to the garden to look at the plum blossoms." Zou said, "The three of you will live together in the West Chamber, and the East Chamber will be left to Rong An and Rong Bao." "Then I'll have my own room!" Hui-niang spoke first, and Aunt Heng called out, "You wish!"! The second sister just came home. Don't you want to be close to her? "Why don't you-" "Shut up, both of you!" Zou's face was burning with pain, and she was angry that her two daughters wouldn't give her a long face. "Huiniang lives in the north room, and Hongdou lives in the south room. Heng Gu, which sister do you like to live with? Choose yourself.". If anyone talks any more, I'll take off her legs! Hearing that Zou Shi was really angry, she hurried into the West Chamber and moved her things to the north in silence. Hui-niang glanced at her and said, "Why don't you live with your second sister?"? Her things are all good, and you can live with her so that you can use her things sooner or later. Aunt Heng stuck out her tongue and said softly, "I don't think much of her style!"! Do you really treat yourself as a daughter? I'm tired of living with her. As they slandered the red beans, Hui-niang and her aunt fell in love with each other again. One of them said,Inflatable outdoor park, "This dried plum is for you. You like it." One smiles, "elder sister, look you, use my comb again." Zou breathed a sigh of relief and saw her second daughter coming with a two-foot-long red plum. She said politely and ingratiatingly, "Hongdou, you live alone in the south room of the west wing. Go and pack up your things." Red beans gently agreed, took the red plum and went to the West Chamber. Zou Shi was hurt by the alienation between her daughter's expressions, and this heartache turned into an inexplicable anger. In the world, there are many people who sell their children. Why should she suffer from this guilt? She is angry,Inflatable meltdown, red bean in the heart, also be mixed feelings. The scene of eight years ago has not been blurred with the passage of time. That day, near the end of the year, amid the sound of firecrackers, Hui Niang came in crying, pulled Zou's clothes and said coquettishly, "Niang, Cuilan laughs at my broken clothes!"! I want new clothes! "I'll talk to you later," Zou pushed Huiniang's hand away, broke her cheek, ferocious face, spittle flying, "look at Yun Niang's face, you can't find another one like this in Shili Baxiang! Is it only worth two taels? Zou Shi shouted at the top of his voice, and the white and fat child was calm and relaxed. "No matter how good he looks, he's only six years old. It's not certain whether he can grow up alive.". Besides, they have to take care of her rations. Two or two, inflatable castle with slide ,inflatable amusement park, no more! "Then, the three girls." "The one who climbed the tree to dig out the bird's nest?"? Don't give it for nothing. "Add another five pieces of silver, and you take it away." "I can't add it." “…… Mother, what are you selling? Hui Niang looked at everything in front of her and suddenly smiled through tears. "Niang, if you sell it, you will have money. If you have money, you will buy me new clothes!" Zou Shi slapped and fanned the past, and Huiniang, who had been holding it in the palm of her hand, was dumbfounded, half ringing, and wailing loudly. In the sound of Huiniang's cry, the baby led her out of the dilapidated courtyard of the Li family with fat fingers like white silkworms. When she couldn't help looking back, she rode on a tree and shouted at the top of her voice, "Second Sister, where are you going?"? Listen, that charming baby is crying again. Blood. It's a strange thing. We haven't seen each other for eight years, but when we meet again, we can easily arouse the tender feelings in our hearts. However, seeing that Hui-niang was still so charming and tactful, and that her aunt was still so shrewish and daring, she really couldn't do it without a grudge. She was not there when she was blackmailed by the warden, when she was humiliated by the ruthless servant girl, and she did not participate in the storms they experienced as a family. After all, I haven't seen you for eight years, and it will be fine after a while. Looking at the new everything, the red bean comforted himself as before. 、003 "This girl." After seeing the styles of Huiniang and her aunt, Cao Xiuer never expected that there would be a graceful, gentle and charming girl in the Li family. Hu Liusao, send this sister-in-law out. It's a mess. How can you entertain guests? Zou Shi ordered to leave again. Cao Xiuer noticed something was wrong and narrowed her eyes keenly. "This lady, this second girl, is also from your family?" "It's not our family, it's yours?" Zou felt guilty for a moment. At the beginning of Red Bean's return home, she was immersed in the joy of the reunion of her flesh and blood, and had no time to think about it. Later, she realized that her daughter had been a big servant girl beside Tao Fu's son, and she couldn't help worrying. She has something to say, and when she wants to ask Hongdou, she can't pull her face down. When she doesn't ask, she has a thorn in her heart. Cao Xiuer gazed at the blush on her face and took out a handful of melon seeds from somewhere. She crackled and said in a funny way, "Madam, to put it bluntly, you have been poor and rich for a long time, haven't you?" "What business is it of yours?" If Zou knew that Cao Xiuer was a famous hob meat, she would not wonder why she was so cheeky and had to get to the bottom of everything. Cao Xiuer gave a short cry. "Madam, if you're a neighbor and don't find out, how can you get along well in the future?" Zou was so angry that he clenched his handkerchief and breathed a sigh of relief. "The emperor still has three poor relatives," he said. "Why don't we have a rich relative?"? To tell you the truth, the Tao family, the military governor of the Huai River and the Huaihe River, are our relatives with broken bones and tendons. The second girl of my family grew up at the knee of his old lady. Cao Xiuer did not believe, but also asked, Hu six sister-in-law saw the opportunity, pulled her,Inflatable water obstacle course, pushed her to the outside, as soon as Cao Xiuer out of the gate, he closed the gate with a bang. joyshineinflatables.com