My apprentice died again.

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"No" and "wrong" novels are m. Quledu. Com.

"No" and "wrong" novels are m. Quledu. Com. He spoke the truth with sincerity, as if he were afraid that she would not agree. It's not impossible to arrive. She wasn't going to leave. Lin Yu was excited in an instant and tried harder to persuade him. If Zunshang intends to stay in this school for a long time, it is naturally a great blessing for Cangwu School. Lin Mou is not talented. I would like to represent my school to worship Zunshang as Taishang Patriarch. I also hope that Taishang Patriarch will take care of my school and bring up some disciples to prove the way of heaven. "Huh?" What the hell is the Supreme Patriarch? Lin Yu, however, did not care whether she understood or not. Instead, he bowed to her respectfully and made a ritual of throwing himself into the ground. "Disciple Lin Yu, I have seen the Great Patriarch." “……” Is this the rhythm of buying and selling? He worshipped this time. It's like turning on the play button. The disciples behind him also knelt down and shouted in unison, "Ancestor." "Even the three Venerable yuan Ying," he said, "were blessed." Patriarch. By the Patriarch Zhu Yao: "..." Why do you feel so old? Is this driving a duck to the shelf? She finally knew what Lin Yu was up to. He wants to keep her in Cangwu forever. Put it up as the mascot of the school. She is the only deification in the whole realm of cultivating immortals. In this world of great strength, it means which school attracts her. Which one will be immediately upgraded to the most powerful immortal gate. Plus she once worshipped Cangwu faction, whether for fame or for profit, Cangwu faction simply can not give up her such a live sign. But her strength, destined no one can control her, so he will in this way, to give her a supreme name, so that she is willing to stay. But also did not hesitate to put down the dignity of the head, what face are thrown away,liquid bottle filling machine, but also to lift her high. Not to say that he is also very hard, really very suitable to be a leader, make a prompt decision, can bend and stretch, and at this time can look at the overall situation, make the most suitable decision. Zhu Yao has some appreciation for him. Zhu Yao waved his sleeves into a breeze and lifted the people all over the floor directly. Don't be too polite. I have no intention of leaving here. Even if I protect you, what's the harm? Zhu Yao tells the truth. She came to Cangwu faction for bug. Over the years,juice filling machine, although she has been attacked many times by Yiling's words and hatred, she has not caused any actual harm in general. Although she hated Yiling, it was only for her personally, and it had nothing to do with the Cangwu School. She is very clear that she will not vent her anger on the whole school because of one person's fault. Otherwise, she is no different from those who retaliate against society for personal reasons. When she first joined the Cangwu Sect, she was just an ordinary disciple, and the Cangwu Sect gave her the treatment and protection of an ordinary disciple. Strictly speaking, she was not treated unfairly. On the contrary, because of the shadow of the moon, it gives some convenience. Then what reason does she have to turn against her? Lin Yu's whole eyes lit up in an instant, and it seemed unexpected that she would cooperate so much. But "If one day, I have the idea of leaving, juice filling machine ,bottle blowing machine, you can't stop me." Just in case, who knows what will happen in the future. You can stay in Cangwu Town House, but if you touch her bottom line in the future, she won't show mercy. It's natural. Lin Yu understood what she meant, nodded his head with a beautiful face, and his face was full of the excitement of a town house mascot. The faces of the three Venerable yuan Ying on one side were different. Xuanxu, in particular, frowned and looked as if he wanted to say something and was desperately patient. She couldn't help looking at Xuan Yin on one side. That's right, Venerable Xuanyin. "Yes, what does the Patriarch want?" "Xuan Yin was quick to get into the play, and he was respectfully blessed." The shadow of the moon was injured in the tide of the beast. I took him back to my place, so he didn't come back in time. I hope you don't mind. The shadow of the moon is at least her apprentice, and it's still necessary to let her know. Xuan Yin was stupefied. Something flashed across his face. After a while, he replied, "Thank you, Patriarch." "Great Patriarch!" Lin Yu rubbed out again, "Three days later, it is an auspicious day, the disciple wants to pass on the sound of various sects to come here, formally worshipping the Supreme Patriarch as the Supreme Patriarch of my sect.". I don't know.. Lin Yu's face was excited. Yan ran a look to pull in front of her various schools, show off. Zhu Yao immediately refused, she still has to take care of the shadow of the moon? I don't have time to show off with her. As you can hear, my moon shadow is injured. Don't do these mundane things! "Patriarch, this." Lin Yu was a little disappointed and wanted to persuade again. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a movement in his mind, and the defensive array outside his courtyard was broken. Suddenly stood up, look a change, "the shadow of the moon!" Suddenly the figure flashed. He left the crowd and flew back to his yard. But I was shocked by the scene in front of me. A wall of fire several meters high surrounded her whole courtyard and spread crazily towards the house. With a lot of spiritual power in the fire, the ban outside the courtyard had already failed, and there was a burning smell, while a large root suddenly appeared in the middle of the courtyard, covering the hole where the shadow of the moon was. The two big trees beside the pit had already been set on fire, and their trunks had been burned black. The leaves had been burned up and were dying. But the roots of the tree on the pit did not move. Zhu Yao felt a pain in his heart, and suddenly his anger rose. Suddenly there was an impulse to destroy everything. She pinched a water system formula. Suddenly five water dragons appeared in the sky and rushed directly to the wall of fire. Everywhere, the sound of flames going out, almost instantaneously. The towering fire disappeared completely. Grand Patriarch. What the hell is this. Lin Yu and others rushed over. He was shocked to see the situation in the hospital, and no one knew what had happened. The key is that there are no other people around. Zhu Yao did not answer, looking at the two trees in the field that had been burned to dead branches. I felt my heart twitch for a while, and my hand trembled and touched the blackened trunk. You're back. A weak and almost inaudible voice came over, clearly speaking very hard, but with a faint taste of waiting for praise, "promise." Yes,water filling machine, help.. Look, no.. Things, fruits.. Don't worry 。