Buddha-like daily life with baby

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"Then it's about loyalty and determination. You have to tell her that you will only marry her in your life,

"Then it's about loyalty and determination. You have to tell her that you will only marry her in your life, and your family will accept her and so on. The more true you say, the better." Zhu Lingling thought about it and added, "If she still hesitates, you can point to the puppies on the ground and say that after marriage, these puppies will be taken care of and grow up healthily. And she can't raise so much by herself. "So that's it!" Mike has a learned look on his face. With a crash, Zhu Lingling tore off two pages of paper and threw them to him. She raised her orchid fingers and said, "Here, this is the intimate proposal plan!"! Bao Jiao Bao Hui, Bao Hui Bao wins. 48.048 There was nothing to do in the afternoon. Zhu Da, a love expert, accompanied Mike to take CT, chose a puppy and bought a cake with the mentality of teaching people to send Buddha to the West. Looking at the time, thinking that Hanhan had not finished school yet, she simply went shopping first, and then took a taxi to the kindergarten with a mess of snacks. When we arrived at the door, more than ten minutes earlier, the sound of children reading came from the kindergarten. Zhu Lingling was bored, turned over the bag, took out a box of octopus balls, and stood at the door to eat. Are you a parent,PET blowing machine, too? Someone next to him asked. With a ball in her mouth, Zhu Lingling turned her head. She was a woman in her thirties, with long curly hair, almond eyes, red lips, delicate makeup and a tall figure. She quickly chewed up the balls and swallowed them, smiling kindly. "Oh, yes." The woman glanced at her up and down,water bottling line, and finally fixed her eyes on her face. "How old are you?"? You look so young. "Twenty-five," said Zhu Lingling. Are you a son or a daughter? "Son." "I'm a son, too. Which class is your son in?" "Big class three," Zhu Lingling looked at her expression, "your family is also?" "Yes, yes," said the woman. "What a coincidence! By the way, I didn't seem to see you at the Children's Day performance in the garden yesterday." Zhu Lingling was stupefied for a moment. Yesterday, 61, she and the night cold were both in the hospital. She completely forgot about it. The child was also sensible and did not mention a word to them. "Something has been delayed," said Zhu Lingling disappointedly. Oh, what's your last name? Asked the woman. Zhu Lingling said: "Ann, safe Ann." That woman says very enthusiastically: "I am older than you, then I call your younger sister, my surname is Li, Beverage packing machine ,water bottle packaging machine, you call me Li Jie to go." Zhu Lingling smiled. She was not used to this kind of conversation between parents. She felt like she had stepped into another stage all of a sudden. Sister Li said, "Sister, you gave birth to a child early enough."? Pregnant at the age of twenty? Zhu Lingling smiled awkwardly. But Li Jie didn't seem to notice it at all. She was still chasing after her and asked, "How old is your husband?"? Do you taste the forbidden fruit of puppy love? Did you go to college? …… Even if Zhu Lingling is eloquent again, she can only be speechless when she meets someone who exposes her past so bluntly. Li Jie: "Hey, where is your husband?"? What does your husband do? Zhu Lingling: "Er …" "I'm sorry to interrupt," someone behind me said lightly. Zhu Lingling turned her head and her eyes widened. The baby will come out in two minutes. "He smiled at her in the cold night, then reached out and naturally took a pile of bags from her hand and asked in a very ordinary tone," Where did you go to play? " Zhu Lingling answered in a muddled way: "Wal-Mart..." When the night is cold: "Are you tired?" Tired? What's so tiring about it? "Not tired.." said Zhu Lingling awkwardly. Nodding his head in the cold night, he noticed someone next to him. "Who is this?" Zhu Lingling introduced: "Oh, she is the mother of Han Han's classmate, surnamed Li." "Hello," he said politely in the cold night. "Hello," Li Jie blushed a little, not as aggressive as just now, but looked a little stiff, "Sister Ann, is this your husband?" Zhu Lingling felt that the word "husband" was too much. She coughed unnaturally and said, "Yes." The bell rang in the garden. The little Douding people lined up behind the teacher one after another with their schoolbags on their backs. In the cold night, he bowed slightly to Miss Li, who had always been impeccable in etiquette. Then he took Zhu Lingling's hand and whispered, "Let's go." The two men stood by the side of the car. No matter when and where, the beautiful skin is always particularly eye-catching, not to mention the temperament of the cold night here, how to look at it is to stand out from the crowd. Holding the remaining half box of octopus balls, Zhu Lingling could not swallow them. She deeply felt that she must be just a "chicken" in those envious and jealous eyes. Thinking of this, she could not help staring angrily at the "crane" beside her: Why is a big man so ostentatious? Inexplicable when night is cold, ask her: "How?" "It's all right," she said unhappily, throwing the pot to the innocent meatballs. "This is all cold, and it tastes terrible." "Is it?" As he spoke, he lowered his head slightly, skillfully took the bamboo stick in her hand, inserted one into his mouth, and it was difficult for him to make such an action very expensive, as if he were eating some delicacies. "It's warm," he said, chewing and tasting. Zhu Lingling's face was slightly hot and she stuffed the remaining half of the box into his hand. "Then you can take it and eat it." I didn't say anything when it was cold at night, but I took it and held it in my hand. The children came out in turn. Han Han came over with a small schoolbag on his back. For the first time, he saw Mom and Dad coming to pick him up at the same time. Although he didn't say anything, he was still very happy. Three people got into the car. On the way, Zhu Lingling asked Han Han, "Baby, did you have a performance yesterday?" Han Han said, "Yes." When the night is cold, he turns his head sideways, his eyes move slightly, and it is obvious that he just knows that there is such a thing. Zhu Lingling hugged him and asked,CSD filling line, "Did all the other children's parents go?" Han Han said calmly: "There are two other students whose parents did not come." Zhu Lingling touched his head. "What did you perform?" "Chorus," Han Han frowned, an expression that he didn't want to mention again. He was very resistant to dressing up like a New Year doll to perform on stage. gzxilinear.com