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What?! Who is in charge of the company now? If Mom and Dad see that my eldest brother is not here,

What?! Who is in charge of the company now? If Mom and Dad see that my eldest brother is not here, maybe the first thing they think of is Shanghai, where my second brother and I live. That's when they come to arrest people. What if they take me and my second brother back to France by the way? "I left it to the vice president. It won't be an accident in a short time. And can you keep your mouth shut? It's very noisy." I'm, I'm noisy? Anyway, I have nothing to do, just sit down and watch it together, after all, Crayon Shin-chan is also one of my favorite classic animation. It doesn't matter whether he is rejuvenated or childlike. I'll get used to it. As a result, two similar-looking brothers and sisters sat on the sofa and looked at Crayon Shin-chan together. Teacher: "Shin-chan, you've done a good job with your homework recently." Shin-chan: "This is all the work of the police." Teacher: "What's the relationship between anti-pornography and homework?" Shin-chan: "My dad has no place to go at night, so he has to watch me do my homework at home." …… "Ha ha ha ha." From time to time, the weird brother and sister duo looked at it and burst into laughter, and the whole floor seemed to be shaking. Interesting It's so beautiful! If it weren't for my second brother, I really didn't expect to "return to the classics". Not bad. Although this set of discs I bought costs 120, it's worth it. HOho ~ Xiaomao: "My mother has a master's degree and my father has a doctor's degree." Shin-chan: "What's the big deal?" Xiaomao: "What are your parents?" Shin-chan: "My father is a man, and my mother is a woman." Poof-the water that just came out of my mouth almost spurted out of my nose. It seems that when I look at Crayon Shin-chan in the future, I must remember not to drink or eat, otherwise it will really become "laughing to death". Little sister, after reading this, let's go out and buy something we haven't seen. The eldest brother kept his eyes on the TV and suddenly suggested. I quickly clapped my hands,silk ficus tree, "Well, besides Crayon Shin-chan, I want to buy another set of Pokémon." "Well, I'll pick a few then." HO, Big Brother has really changed a lot. As long as I think of his heroic posture in the cross-ocean video in the conference room and look at his appearance now, I can't help shivering. Yo. Little sister, you are looking at Crayon Shin-chan. Looking along the source of the voice,faux ficus tree, I saw that Jiang Yuhan was holding Ren Xuan's hand and had just stepped into the doorway, but Xuan Xuan's face was still smelly, probably unwilling to be dragged. Yes, second brother, you see who this is- "I ran over with a smile, pointing to the eldest brother sitting at the other end of the sofa, and said like a treasure.". Ha ha, I really seem to see the second brother dumbfounded. Hey?! You Why does he look exactly the same? Unexpectedly, it was Ren Xuan who reacted first. Her expression was very frightening. She looked at Jiang Chenghan as if she had hit a ghost in the middle of July. Ha ha, Xuan Xuan, why are you so scary? Don't blink. He is my famous eldest brother, Jiang Chenghan, and my second brother are twins. What?! Twins. He Ren Xuan's eyes rolled back and forth on my eldest brother and second brother, then rolled her eyes and fell back. Before she fainted, outdoor ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, I heard her murmur, "Is it difficult for me to meet him.." Volume 1 Super Perfect Warming Journey Section 49 So that's it. Fortunately, Jiang Yuhan reacted very quickly and hugged Ren Xuan tightly from behind, otherwise he would have fallen straight down like this. It would be strange if he didn't have a concussion. Maybe he would have an amnesia or something in the future. My second brother will be looking for me desperately. Second brother, take Xuan Xuan to the sofa and lie down for a while. As I looked at my second brother, I shouted, "Brother, don't look at it. Get up and give way. People are dizzy." Really admire my eldest brother, Ren Xuan fainted like this, he is still calm, leisurely looking at Crayon Shin-chan. Hey. Little sister, I seem to have seen this woman somewhere. The eldest brother finally turned his attention back, glanced at Ren Xuan, and said lightly. I looked at Ren Xuan carelessly and asked casually, "Really?"? Where is it? It can't be in France. "Yes, in France. I remember it was in the revolving restaurant above our company." There it is, there it is! My eldest brother has a photographic memory. Our company? Which one.. Is that the one in the center of Paris? Ha ha, Xuan Xuan is quite beautiful, especially when she doesn't speak, she has an elegant temperament, like a lady. Ugh. Mmm. Seeing that I didn't pay much attention to him, my eldest brother turned his eyes to Crayon Shin-chan. "Suddenly I heard the sound of the cup breaking, and I looked up at my second brother." What? Do you mean the five-star revolving restaurant on the top floor of Menweitley? OH,MYGOD! When did my second brother become Tarzan?! He threw down his teacup, jumped over the sofa, jumped three steps into two steps in front of his eldest brother, and shook his shoulders excitedly, "You, make it clear." "Get out of my way, you idiot! You're blocking me!" The eldest brother was so angry for Crayon Shin-chan that he pushed the second brother away and picked up the pillow. Hey, hey, make it clear. Jiang Yuhan looked at his eldest brother with a smelly face and stood in front of Jiang Chenghan again. Yes, she did. She rushed over to say hello, but then she left in a huff. Jiang Chenghan curled his lips and pushed him away again, "get out of the way after asking." “……” After standing still for three seconds, Jiang Yu's cold anger suddenly came up, and he really pinched my eldest brother's neck with both hands, "I'll strangle you!"! Do you know that you have made me miserable? I looked helplessly at the two people who were wrestling together for no reason, and I couldn't help putting on a good look. Ha ha, two people who look exactly the same stand together to fight is really a strange scene, en! Not bad. Look. Cough.. Hearing the sound of Ren Xuan coughing, Jiang Yuhan became nervous, hurriedly let go of his fist, stood beside her, and carefully lifted her up. Xuan Xuan,silk cherry blossom tree, are you full of sleep? I looked at her with a smile, hehe, her quiet appearance is really rare. hacartificialtree.com