German lovers

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Seeing that her male ticket was besieged by other women,

Seeing that her male ticket was besieged by other women, Gu Ya was not happy. She clapped her hands and said in front of Urian, "All right.". Taking one is to give back to the fans. If you take more, you will be charged for the portrait. Urian lay on the roof of the car, holding his chin in his right hand, and watched the show in his spare time. After driving the group of female fans away, Gu Ya turned around and saw that Urian was looking at herself with a smile. She cast a look angrily and said, "You can only attract bees and butterflies. I can't stop you from following you." He finally burst out laughing. "You should be happy. Your boyfriend is a heartthrob." Not at all. It's enough to work in class, and it's not easy to have some private time, but also to block peach blossoms for you. With these words, she pulled open the car door, sat in, and slammed it hard to show her dissatisfaction. Urian followed her into the car, looked at her face, reached for her hand, and asked, "Why, are you angry?" It was indeed a bit of a trough, but Gu Ya didn't want to be called petty by others, so she denied it, "No." "Really not?" Why should I be angry? You don't know them. A dead duck's mouth is hard. Urian did not know that there was a Chinese idiom called duplicity. Hearing what she said, she was relieved to stagger the topic and asked, "Where are you going now?" This stupid goose. Forget it. Forget it. On the bright side,fake ficus tree, he was popular and his career was booming, and she was more or less borrowing light with him. I'll go to my house first, and I'll pack my bags, and then I'll go to your house. School starts next week, and I can accompany you for at least one weekend. Urian said, "From next month, I may have to go abroad with the team." "Why?" "Because the World Cup has begun," he reminded. Oh,faux grass wall, yes, I just said it, but I forgot it again. So when are you going back to Germany? Wait for next year? "The qualifiers are only in the European Union, and they will come back after the game and will not stay for a long time.". Besides, even if you go to South Africa, it's only a month and a half. He paused and asked, "Will you come with me to the scene?" Gu Ya counted the days and said, "In the European Union, if you don't take the exam, it should be no problem to skip one or two days of classes.". When you kick out of the European Union and I'm almost out of school, it should be no problem. Urian was so pleased to hear her say this that he kissed her hard and said, "That's great.". With your company, I will be relieved and will play better. Haha, she can never get enough of sweet words. Gu Ya put her elbow on the glass window and looked at him with her chin. Seeing that her eyes were always rolling around on him, Urian touched his face and asked in puzzlement, "What's wrong?" "Your dressing style seems to have changed." Urian exulted. "Did you find out?" "Yes.". It's obviously different. You used to wear T-shirts and jeans, large palm trees for sale ,large ficus tree, but now you seem to pay attention to matching. Urian said helplessly, "The company wants to shape my image." "You're a football player, not a movie star. What kind of image do you create?" "The agent took an ad for me, and now the response is hot, so they think I'm half a public figure now." Gu Ya raised her eyebrows, "Oh?"? What advertisement? "Pepsi." This is a big company! She was surprised. "Wow, for real." "Yes.". He said that he wanted to establish a positive and healthy image, and by the way, he could pull sponsors for the club. "Isn't there Hope, the God of Wealth?" "You can never have too much Mammon." Gu Ya turned her head, immediately guessed a few minutes, and asked, "Is it Katarina?". Hope's idea. 。” "Well, she suggest it." She rolled her eyes. "I knew it." You don't like my commercials? That's a lot of money. Yeah, I don't like it. If you are a football star, you should play football with a straight face. What kind of secondary industry are you engaged in. Besides, you used to be unknown, but now that you're famous, what kind of beauty you can't see, I'm afraid I can't hold you anymore. Hearing this, Urian laughed. "Are you so unconfident?"? We've been together for four years. If you can't hold it, who else can? She blurted out, "Your mother.". ” Ha-ha, they smiled at each other. Gu Ya thought of what he had just said and couldn't help being curious, so she asked, "Is there a lot of money for advertising?"? How many? He held out one hand, five fingers. Fifty thousand? Gu Ya felt that the number was already quite large. But Urian shook his head. Gu Ya couldn't believe it. "Half a million?" He nodded. "Half a million yuan after tax." Shit, that's a lot of money. Not to mention this life, you don't have to worry about the next life. Gu Ya's eyebrows moved greatly and hurriedly said, "I take back what I just said.". Actually, it's not bad to shoot advertisements. Are there any other advertisements that can be taken? Seeing this, Julian laughed. "There's more, but I don't have time." "Right.". The World Cup is around the corner. Thought a jump, she could not help but ask, "saying, when you go to shoot advertisements, did you see a leggy beauty?"? For example, models, actors, anchors and so on? Urian nodded. "Yes.". Beautiful women are like clouds. Depend on, Gu Ya listens, immediately not calm, "that they recognize you?"? Did you take the initiative to chat with you? No, no one knows me. Do you think those people will pay attention to football? "Ha ha, that's true." You can rest assured that I have a girlfriend on K. Besides, in my eyes, no one can compare with you. Gu Ya was amused by him and twisted his face. "Your mouth is still so sweet." As soon as the wheels rolled, she arrived at her student dormitory. Urian was used to living in a big house now. He thought she was small and there were too many people. She was in the way and could not use her skills. He asked her to move out several times. When Gu Ya first moved in, she was afraid of the fans in Frankfurt. Now that things have passed so long and she has been away from Germany for four months, it is estimated that no one will stare at her again. There is a powerful man, why should I save,artificial plant wall panels, so she agreed. Looking for a house again is also temporary, and I will graduate in half a year. After graduation, I don't know where I will stay.