Congealing wind all over the world

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What makes Sima Wusheng admired in Wulin is not only the chaos of Kou Jing,

What makes Sima Wusheng admired in Wulin is not only the chaos of Kou Jing, but also his creativity in the martial arts of "swordsmanship". Whether it is the "Thirteen Swords of Thunder" or the "Flying Water Strike", it has developed a new field of swordsmanship. There are a lot of comments in Jianghu. Although Xuan Renyun's sword ranks first in these years, Sima's sword, in terms of martial arts attainments, should not be far behind. Master Sima, we are so lucky to witness it. Sima Wusheng went up to the second floor of the Longju Restaurant and immediately caused a commotion. Everyone whispered to each other and even burst into applause. The great beauty of Ashikaga smiled, glanced at the eldest son of Tang opposite, and said half teasing, "Tang Zhuangyuan, it seems that you don't know many people." The eldest son of the Tang Dynasty sighed and looked at Sima Tanhua, who was dressed in immortal style, with a long and thin body, huge palms, delicate cheeks, and bright and restrained pupils. The temple has obviously reached the return of Pu, although towering but soft, the forehead is broad, with the upper and lower jaw corners square, a black beard more set off its own dignity. The distance between the two eyes is quite wide, and it seems that you can see all around. Sima Wusheng followed three disciples. As soon as he went upstairs, he prepared their master's seats and did things very neatly. The table, on the side of Tang Da Childe, Sima Wusheng took his seat, which was opposite Tang Ningfeng. Face to face, each nodding slightly. Brother Tang-! "Ashikaga Becky lowered her voice and could hardly help laughing." It seems that they are coming for you.. " Tang Ningfeng, with bitter gourd on his face, replied angrily, "Sister Ashikaga, brother, I'll go back to my room. Enjoy your meal." Say that finish,silk ficus tree, really want to get up, casually looked out of the window, but sat back. Ashikaga Becky raised her eyebrows and looked out. I saw several carriages parked at the door under the plaque of "Old Home Medicinal Materials Luoyang Shop" across the street. In a moment, each car obviously came down a lot of good players, immediately around to guard one of the left and right sides of the car carved with dragon decoration car Xuan. Today's world, if not given by the emperor, who dares to do so? And the imperial car, in addition to Su Xiaohun Daxia, only the grandmother of the old family! Daxia Su Xiaohun never rides in a carriage, because he said, "a warrior named Su is suitable for the wind of heaven and earth." Even if the imperial gift, also as firewood. The eldest son of the Tang Dynasty sighed, and his voice was not too big or too small, just in time for Sima Wusheng, who was diagonally opposite, large artificial blossom trees ,outdoor ficus tree, to hear him: "I didn't expect that the grandmother of the old family, who has been staying at home for twenty years, would also come to Luoyang." Sima Wusheng obviously listened and his eyebrows moved slightly. What happened to the old family? Need grandma personally, absolutely absolutely related to the family's life and death! "Grandma stamped her feet, and I was frightened.". Nowadays, the grandmother not only stamped her feet, but also rushed to Luoyang in person. It seems that this matter has been brewing for half a month. Because it takes at least ten days to go from my hometown in Sichuan to Luoyang. Master Tang Ningfeng sighed heavily again and muttered to himself, "If even the honest boy didn't know until recently, you can see how important the secret is!" Laozi Family has a top secret, which is only known by the four shopkeepers, the two managers, and the old winner of the current head of his hometown. The grandmother who is respected by everyone in Jianghu actually has four doppelgangers. Each of them represents the instructions of the grandmother, and each shopkeeper is directly responsible for conveying them by a "grandmother". So, in addition to the old win master and the two managers, in fact, the four shopkeepers simply do not know what they are facing, is the real grandmother, or Fen Shen? To be honest, I know that I have seen the real grandmother, and I should have met several other incarnations. But for so many years, he still couldn't tell which one was the real one who was at the helm behind the scenes. Perhaps, the old woman's majesty is so amazing that no one dares to look directly at it. The four shopkeepers of our hometown sighed heavily in the bottom of their hearts. I don't know what the grandmother's comments on Long Zheng were, and what she thought of taking people back to her home in this way? Although the grandmother is nearly ninety years old and has wrinkles on her face, her skin is still smooth and moist. Her round and fat face looks kind, but her eyes can make you tremble. Even if today's master always wins, he can't help but be frightened when he sees his mother. Shi, do you have a soft spot for this girl? The old woman sipped the aloes dragon pearl tea and slowly opened her mouth. Our high-spirited fourth shopkeeper could not help but tremble all over his muscles. He immediately replied respectfully, "Tell the old woman that my grandson is really very interested in Miss Long." The old woman didn't even look at Long Da, who had been punctured. With a faint "er," she put down the teacup and said, "That's all right." The most authoritative woman in the old family meant that she could take the dragon sign to another place first. That is to say, we should talk about the main issues. The heart of the fourth shopkeeper jumped several times. Anyway, the thing that the old woman had not decided was that there was hope. His eyes did not dare to take a glance at the back of the dragon sign, so he had to stand respectfully in front of his grandmother's chair, waiting for the highest instructions of his family. Grandma has something to do with you this time! The old woman had a good time, but her voice was very dignified: "You already know that the King of War has kidnapped the princes and nobles of Luocha, Francis, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Egypt, Great Britain, Fusang, Tianzhu and the Eight Great Food Countries..". Among them, Fu Sang Shi Li Bei Ji has been rescued. "Yes, Ah Shi knows!" Honest and simple answer, wait for the following. I think you have mastered the alliance between the King of the Desert and the Ouyang Family. When the old woman asked, she couldn't even think about it and immediately replied, "Yes!" "The Ouyang family has always had a good friendship with the three old men, Xuan Renyun, Bu Jing, and Sima Wusheng." The old woman's voice was still warm and slow,decorative palm trees, but the pupils were already shining. "You don't know that, do you?" "Report back to the old woman-Ah Shi is quite clear!" To be honest, it is impossible to guess what the old woman means by mentioning these things.