The Rarest and Most Coveted Villagers in Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing franchise features hundreds of unique and charming villagers that players can invite to live on their islands

The Animal Crossing franchise features hundreds of unique and charming villagers that players can invite to live on their islands. However, some villagers are considerably rarer than others, making them highly coveted by the Animal Crossing community. This article will explore the rarest villagers in the cheap ACNH bells games and why they are so popular.

Octopus Villagers

  • With only 5 total octopus villagers in the entire cheap ACNH bells franchise, octopi are by far the rarest species in the games.
  • Octavian, Marina, and Zucker are the only 3 octopus villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at launch.
  • The 2.0 update added Cephalobot, an octopus with a robotic exterior, bringing the total to 4 in New Horizons.
  • Inkwell is the 5th octopus, but is only available in Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Welcome amiibo update.
  • Because there are so few to encounter, finding specific popular octopi like Marina and Zucker can require tremendous time and effort.

Raymond and Bob

  • Raymond and Bob are incredibly popular cat villagers, but with 30 total cats they can be difficult to find.
  • There are 23 potential cat villagers that can fill a vacant plot instead of Raymond or Bob in New Horizons.
  • As dream villagers for many players, Raymond and Bob often sell or trade for steep prices due to demand.
  • Their cool designs and personalities make them highly desired, contributing to their rarity.

Goldie and Cookie

  • Goldie and Cookie are adorable and sought-after dog villagers in the franchise.
  • With 28 different dog villagers available, the chances of encountering specific dogs like Goldie and Cookie are low.
  • Their endearing appearances and friendly dispositions make these two very popular choices.
  • Like Raymond and Bob, their rarity drives up thetrade value for those searching for these dogs.


  • Judy was one of 8 brand new villagers introduced in New Horizons at launch.
  • Her unique design featuring ombre-colored fur and sparkly eyes quickly made her popular.
  • As a cub villager, there are 20 total cubs she competes with, adding to her scarcity.
  • Being a bear cub also means competing with the 16 other bears for an open plot.
  • Judy routinely sells or trades for millions of Bells due to her cool look and initial rarity.


  • Stitches' teddy bear design makes him look soft and huggable, explaining his popularity.
  • Also a cub, Stitches contends with Judy and the other 19 cubs when moving in.
  • Introduced in Wild World, he has been a popular lazy cub villager for years.
  • His unique charm and appeal make him a dream villager for many players.
  • Like Judy and other rare villagers, finding Stitches often requires enormous Bells investments.


  • Marshal is a smug squirrel villager dating back to New Leaf.
  • His cool denim jacket and coffee shop house attract many players.
  • With over 20 squirrel villagers, he's up against steep competition.
  • Marshal's perpetual frown hides his positive nature.
  • Another exceptionally popular dream villager, he also trades for millions.

The Appeal of Rare Villagers

  • While no villagers are officially designated as rare, probability dictates some are harder to find.
  • Low total numbers of certain species like octopi make specific villagers very scarce.
  • Highly popular and sought-after villagers drive up trading prices due to demand.
  • Newer or very stylized villagers also tend to be more coveted.
  • Ultimately any villager is rare if they're a dream villager for a particular player.

The Hunt Continues

  • Tracking down rare dream villagers takes real devotion in Animal Crossing.
  • Visiting mystery islands and campsites offer chances for finding these rarities.
  • Trading communities allow players to buy or sell popular villagers for Bells or NMTs.
  • While not easy, catching that rare villager you've been hunting for is an unforgettable feeling!