Jun Nan Fang (complete edition)

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Jun Nan Fang (complete edition) (Mei Guo, Mo Fan, Yi Feng, Jin Rui, Pei Wei, Mu Qiu, Yan Hong, Li Luo)

Ziyang, like a basin of ice water poured on his head, smiled reluctantly, "This joke can't be played." Han Gongyu pushed the wine cup in his hand. "Do you think I have the time to joke with you?"? Three years ago, Meiguo was forced by your father to go on a mission to Yan. Unfortunately, it was a plan set by my mother. She went here, and the result was.. Said with a charming smile, "you can imagine." As soon as Ziyang's throat choked, his face did not change. He felt the blood rushing up all over his body. He wanted to come forward and grab Han Gongyu, but he couldn't exert any strength all over his body. His heart sank. There was something wrong with the wine. He forced himself to calm down. "What's the matter with the wind?" "Yifeng learned that Meiguo had gone to Yanjing. Meiguo saw it, but she lost her life in Yan. Meiguo died of her husband and jumped off a cliff for funeral. Tut, tut, I don't want my elder sister to be an infatuated one." The pain in Ziyang's heart could not be uncovered. "Who did you listen to these words?"? Why do you know what happened three years ago now? Han Gongyu put on an act and sighed, "That Yifeng was really not a good man. Before he died, he hit my mother seriously and almost lost her life. My mother got better recently and left Yanjing, so I got the news.". This is not Baba's coming to tell you. When Ziyang heard this, he couldn't believe it. His heart ached and he collapsed. He couldn't get her. Suddenly, he felt pain under his body, but he couldn't exert any strength under his body. A chill rose from the soles of his feet. "What kind of wine did you give me?" Han Gongyu saw that his face was flushed. Knowing that it was time, he said with a smile, "I almost forgot about that. That wine is for you to add to your fun. I'll help you call a few beauties to vent your anger. You'll be so happy that you'll die." There was a flash of fear in Ziyang's eyes. Aren't you afraid that if anything happens to me, my father won't let you go? Han Gongyu tutted again, "Look at what you said. You were drunk in the flowers, indulged in excessive sex, and died of exhaustion. It was too late for your father to cover up his shame, and he would be embarrassed with me. I'm afraid he had to comfort me." Ziyang was furious. "Why are you doing this?" Han Gongyu smiled and leaned close to him. "Yifeng is dead. You are of no use to me." With a cold sweat on his back, Ziyang saw her clap her hands. Sure enough, several seductive women came, all of whom were his usual concubines. Only then did he realize that he had been in her calculation for a long time. Just as he was about to open his mouth and shout, he saw Han Gongyu brush his hand and tighten his throat. He had already been hit by a dumb point. Watching the group of women come up, while the cold palace Yu leisurely sat aside to drink tea and watch the play. There was a surge of extreme fear that had never been before. On the second day, there was a lot of crying in the palace,endless swim pool, and the news of the death of Xuanyuan Ziyang, the third prince, came into the palace. A white dove stops in the dark red arm, the dark red has read the letter paper, writes on the reverse side'already late 'two characters, releases the white dove to fly again. At the end of the month, those who have pink votes must vote before the end of the 31st, and they will be cleared next month. Chapter 039 headachy steamed buns. Mei Guo is taking the small clothes of the small steamed bread to sew, although her needlework has not been very good, or even can be said to be very inferior kind. But in the past few years, he had to sew and mend the steamed buns. At the beginning, it was arranged by Jin Rui, but Jin Rui insisted on going out for only half a day to see the doctor. The spare time was spent accompanying Mei Guo and small steamed buns, as well as developing poisons. But as he became more and more famous, more and more people came from other places to see the doctor. As a result, at noon, endless pool factory ,massage bathtub manufacturers, although patients are no longer accepted, the opening time is getting earlier and earlier, often before dawn, but there are people waiting. Jin Rui is afraid that some patients are infected with infectious diseases, and she is pregnant, she is not allowed to contact patients directly, just to help dispense medicine, so he is more busy and hard. As the number of patients increases, Meiguo feels more and more uneasy. For people like them who want to live quietly, fame is not a good thing. But now she is getting more and more bloated and inconvenient, and she can't pack up and leave, so she has to drag her feet for the time being, wait for the birth of a child, and then try to move. She had mentioned this plan many times to Jin Rui, but he just said that he didn't have to think too much about it until the baby was born. His ambiguous words made her more uneasy, but she could not say anything wrong, so she had to suppress it. When the baby is born. In order to let him rest earlier at night, Meiguo stirred up the trifles at home and sewed up the steamed bread. Fortunately, he never laughed at her, no matter how ugly her sewing was. These days, although the technique has not improved much, it is still able to cope with it. Just as he was threading the needle, his eyelids suddenly jumped, his hand trembled slightly, the tip of the needle plunged into his finger, and a bead of blood oozed from his fingertip. Jin Rui looked up at her, put down the medicine spoon in his hand, held her hand, put her fingers into his mouth, sucked them, took them out, saw that there was still blood oozing out, and did not let go, and pressed her fingers on the place where her fingers oozed blood, "What's on your mind?" Mei Guo shook his head, feeling uneasy, more and more intense, "some panic, may be the child in the abdomen torturing me." Jin Rui kissed her forehead. "I shouldn't have let you have another baby." Mei Guo put down her needle and thread and touched her bulging abdomen. "I want a beautiful child like you." There was a smile on Jin Rui's lips. In the corner of the yard, he took the fragrance of Meiguo and rubbed it in the middle of the steamed bread that ants were playing with. He hugged Meiguo's leg and said, "Niang, isn't Faner beautiful?" Mei Guo laughed and picked him up. "Why do men want to be so beautiful?" Little steamed bread looked at Jin Rui beside him and pouted, "but Dad is so beautiful. Anyone who sees Dad says he has never seen such a beautiful man." Mei Guo looked at Jin Rui and said with a smile, "Your father is the best of men. Not everyone deserves him." Jin Rui frowned slightly, hugged the small steamed bread and put it on his knee, "Faner, no matter a man or a woman, appearance is just skin, skin may be lost at any time, can not be valued." Small steamed bread listens muddleheaded, one face is confused, "what should that value?" Jin Rui put his palm on his little chest. "Heart,whirlpool hot tub spa, is your mother beautiful?" Small steamed bread nodded, "beautiful, children's mothers are not as beautiful as their mothers." 。 monalisa.com