Conquer the Kingdom of Heaven

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There, the other two kings, who were no less than Frederick, were also ready to go.

All this went on slowly and orderly, and to the surprise of many Constantinople, the Tribus Council did not begin in a big city like Constantinople, as they had thought, but in a small town like Newbussino. Simple, even ruleless, village assemblies seem to be a perfect illustration of the tribal councils that flourished in early Rome. People began to choose the people they needed under the supervision of priests, village chiefs and some respected elders. Under the supervision of these same people, land began to be distributed to each household in an orderly manner. The snow turned to ice, the ice began to melt, and then, under the cold wind, the frozen aqueduct began to flow with cold streams. The unforgettable and sad January passed in a flash. When February came, the farmers who had just got the land began to be busy. They worked hard to cultivate the land that already belonged to them. When the stiff surface was turned over by the wooden plough, the farmers smiled happily and excitedly at the large clods of earth mixed with leaves and roots below. Many people knelt on the ground to thank God for the gift he had given them, for this miracle, and they also thanked God for the emperor of Rome. God bless the emperor, God bless the queen, and may God give the emperor a healthy heir. Such prayers were heard from time to time in Constantinople, and in the countryside, the peasants made such prayers a necessary part of their worship. Everything seemed to be getting better, and everything seemed to be getting more and more pleasant with the change,ceramic welding tape, but neither the peasants nor the Constantinople knew that as March, which was already showing the breath of spring, approached, Lunge's mood became more and more depressed. It's March. When the first day of March 1189 finally came, on the night of that day, Lenger slowly climbed the hill on the side of the Barba Sea and looked at the rather cold night sky. Lenger sat alone on the cold stone of the wall and looked at the dark and turbulent sea below. In March of that year, after nearly a year of preparation, Frederick the Red Beard was about to set out from Regensburg on the Danube and head east. Although for the German king, the struggle with the Pope had not yet been settled, and his rear was not peaceful because of his brutal rule of Italy, Frederick would not hesitate to embark on this difficult but obviously more tempting road, whether out of his paranoia of faith or his greed for the land of the East. And then what? Will the emperor of the "Holy Roman Empire" enter Asia Minor, alumina c799 ,ceramic bobbin element, step into the Salif River, which was not famous, and step down from the stage of history without a trace? Lunge asked in his heart, wondering if all that had happened in history would happen at this time, and he was worried about the changes that might happen. The oppression in Lunge's heart became even heavier when he remembered the city of Philippi mentioned when he met Ding Xuan's maid Nena not long ago. Frederick's cruelty was not limited to the Pope and the Italians who opposed him, but even to Eastern Rome, he would soon reveal his greed and tyranny. Lenger did not remember when Frederick would enter the land of Eastern Rome, but the news he had received from Princess Anlubel of Bulgaria not long ago convinced Lenger that Frederick would not be obstructed by the Bulgarians. Bulgaria is a devout follower of Christ, so how can it stop the Holy Crusade? Lunge remembered the way Annobel looked when she said these words. He knew, of course, that the princess, who was actually a hostage, had quickly become the fiance of another member of the Andrews family since Ryan Sian left Rome. Although it was surprising that this woman had changed so quickly, her words were undoubtedly inspired by her king's father. So Frederick will come to Rome soon? Are you ready to take on the Holy Roman Emperor? Was it possible to prevent him from committing the abominable crimes he had committed after entering Rome, and to become the enemy of the German King, who was known as the King of the West, from losing his glory? Lunge's heart kept rolling, and his eyes slowly looked to the west. There, the other two kings, who were no less than Frederick, were also ready to go. Whether it was the French fox, who was famous for his wit and cunning, or the British lion, who seemed to be the model of a knight, their eyes should have been deeply fixed on the fertile land of the East, which could bring honor, wealth and power. And on the other side, on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, in the mysterious land of the East, in Jerusalem, which contains countless secrets and even subverts people's beliefs for thousands of years, the deep eyes of the King of Egypt seem to have passed through the distant distance to gaze at the ancient city of Constantinople in the East. 1189, a year that seems to be changing the fate of countless people, an era that is attracting countless heroes, has come slowly. It's been three months. In this medieval night sky, the emperor of the Roman Empire, Renge.. Juliante . Gombray stood on the walls of Constantinople and murmured alone. 。 Volume 5 The Age of Caesar Chapter 133 Disturbing March Volume 5 The Age of Caesar Chapter 133 Disturbing March Life in Constantinople was full of passion but full of boredom. When the busy spring ploughing begins. A large number of officials were sent out on Roman soil,steatite c221, dressed in the typical khaki robes of Roman officials, with coarse cloth leggings attached to cotton socks on their feet, and then began to patrol the fields with a stubby wooden stick in their hands.