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All that we are!

It is easy to put others in boxes. Drawing lines. Creating sides. There is me/us and there is you/them.
Those we feel comfortable around, and those we don’t.
There are those of us with many chapters, and those just starting their own story.
There are those who we share something with, and those we don’t seem to share anything with.

This daily occurrence makes it difficult to see the humanity of others.

Let’s ask our self some questions and let’s answer them as honestly as possible. Don’t worry – no one knows it as it is just you answering in your mind.

  • Do you have a tattoo?
  • Have you ever been in love?
  • Have you prayed in the last week?
  • Have you ever had to skip a meal because you could not affort it?
  • Have you ever been bullied?
  • Do you ever felt lonely?
  • Do you distrust the police?
  • Have you ever frozen when you felt the desire to help someone in need?
  • Have you ever intervened in a situation when you saw someone being mistreated?
  • Have you ever intervened in a situation when you saw someone being mistreated?
  • Have you ever been the class clown?
  • Have you been ever late?

I really believe you answered at least 2 times with “yes” …

Ask yourself if others, you don’t seem to share anything with, would answer one of these questions with “yes”!? Others not your age, not your gender, not your nationality, not fat, not slim, just others.

Please also consider if someone you really don’t like would answer with “yes”.

I don’t know if the world is flat or round, I know what I was told, what others told me.

All that we are! We all have something in common!

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